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Drew Barrymore reveals disastrous outing with her daughters: 'That really sucked'
ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleDrew Barrymore learned it the hard way during her latest outing with her two daughters, Olive and Frankie, and one of their friends, when she not only faced disappointment, but an angry encounter as well.The star had decided that their latest adventure should be crabbing, but she quickly came to realize she was less than prepared.WATCH: Drew makes emotional visit to the place she was institutionalizedMORE: Drew Barrymore makes candid revelation about fighting to keep her show on-airDiscussing the unexpected plan that quickly went awry with Seth Meyers, she made rare comments about her daughters, how they reacted to the crabbing fiasco, and even the "grade" they gave the plan.Drew revealed that she should have known it wouldn't go well in the first place, considering her lack of training and the fact that she had three girls and two dogs with her. Seth proved her right the second he showed a picture of her hilarious – and amateur – set up, featuring raw chicken as bait, an unruly wired crate, and messy ropes.It didn't take long for things to quickly take a turn, and the actress detailed how: "Olive… because she's a very rough-and-tumble cool girl, she just threw the whole bucket in!" The hilarious crabbing storyShe explained that since the bucket didn't have holes, it immediately floated away, and she screamed: "We just littered, Olive! God, no!"MORE: Drew Barrymore confuses fans with video from unexpected location amid show revelationMORE: Drew Barrymore's beauty video from her bathroom sparks reaction for one huge reasonWhat's more, it got even worse, when an angry kayaker passed by and promptly started screaming at them.
Drew Barrymore makes candid revelation about fighting to keep her show on-air: 'All of my worth and happiness is in this'
Drew Barrymore fans have come to love her work on The Drew Barrymore Show and all the hilarious, heartfelt, and candid moments that have gone on since it first launched in September 2020.ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe host opened up to fellow talk show host Seth Meyers about just how attached she is to her show, and how everyday she does her best to keep it on-air.Detailing her love for the show, she made the shocking revelation of just how much she fears her show getting canceled.WATCH: Drew revisits center where she was institutionalized as a teenMORE: Drew Barrymore confuses fans with video from unexpected location amid show revelationAs Seth congratulated her on the show's six Daytime Emmy nominations, Drew quickly did a "phew!" gesture, then going on to admit: "I feel like relief is a huge definition of joy right now too."She explained: "Just to be relieved! I'm so relieved that it's working, that we get to stay."Detailing how much the role and the work the show does means to her, and how much her life has changed because of it, she candidly revealed: "I'm way too attached to it. All of my worth and happiness is in this show."The candid revelationThe late night host shot back a cheeky comment about her work-life balance, joking: "They say that's very healthy, they say, 'Tie yourself to your work.
Drew Barrymore confuses fans with video from unexpected location amid show revelation
cryptic video from an unexpected location and revealing she would be absent from her show for a week, fans can't help but inquire, where on Earth is Drew Barrymore?ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleIt was recently revealed revealed that for the week of 22 May for The Drew Barrymore Show, instead of premiering new, live episodes, the week would be full of back to back pre-recorded episodes that had not previously aired.Though every host needs their proper break, fans still can't help but inquire what the star is getting up to during her apparent time off.WATCH: Drew Barrymore's new huge hair tool gets fans talkingMORE: Drew Barrymore brings fans to tears as she makes heartbreaking family confessionThe only clue her loyal followers have been given is a mysterious video of the actress herself joking around from a mysterious location, but little context is offered.In the clip, Drew seems to be, oddly enough, recording from the side of the road, wearing a crisp, striped blue button down blouse paired with oversized red tinted sunglasses, as luscious shrubs and even a pond are spotted behind her.The video starts off with her turning her camera around so followers get a glimpse of her surroundings, though it doesn't clarify much, and as two cyclists pass by, she said: "I'm trying to pretend I live in a Nancy Meyers movie, but, really, I'm starring in Jackass."The unexpected videoHer caption didn't help much either, as it simply read: "No caption needed."MORE: Drew Barrymore pens emotional tribute as she announces huge news dear to her heartMORE: Drew Barrymore sheds tears on-air as she shares heartfelt moment with actress taking over her roleFans begged to differ, writing: "Oh
Exclusive: Reese Witherspoon's teen son Deacon teases details of upcoming EP
Reese Witherspoon's son Deacon has teased details of his upcoming EP, hinting that he has been inspired by Post Malone.MORE: Reese Witherspoon gets the best reaction from Drew Barrymore on her youngest son's birthdayThe 18-year-old spoke exclusively to HELLO! at the Race to Erase MS gala on 20 May where he partied with friends and took part in a live auction that raised over $100,000 on the night.VIDEO: Reese Witherspoon's children make rare appearance in fun video from their LA home"I have been working really hard on an EP about to drop," the teen shared, admitting that "it's coming soon" even though he can't give a date."It's really special," he added, revealing that wouldn't give it "an exact genre but it's very me", and saying that he is inspired by Post Malone "I am just trying to make music that I like and listen to," he said.MORE: Reese Witherspoon shares glimpse inside show-stopping gardenMORE: Reese Witherspoon shares very rare photo with brother for special reasonDeacon is the youngest son of actors Reese and Ryan Phillippe, and he was in attendance with pals at the event which he called a "great cause"."I know people in my extended family with MS and without revealing too much I just know that it's a great cause to come out here and support," he said. Deacon was there to support friends and familyDeacon has been working on music for several years, and in 2020 he dropped first single Long Run.
Kelly Clarkson makes abrupt exit from show - and you'll not believe why!
Kelly Clarkson is not afraid to stand up for her television preferences, and guests who disagree better beware!ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe star faced a bit of disappointment – albeit hilariously so – when she had what she thought were Bridgerton super fans come on to The Kelly Clarkson Show, only to realize she couldn't discuss the hit series with them.The guests were none other than TikTokers Abigail Barlow, 20, and Emily Bear, 23, or rather, Barlow and Bear, who went viral when the first season came out when they created the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical on the social media platform.WATCH: Kelly collpases after being upstaged by Anne HathawayMORE: Kelly Clarkson reveals unusual development at her family's ranchConsidering the two were nominated for a Grammy for their work after creating an album, the daytime show host had anticipated being able to discuss all things Bridgerton with the pair.Kelly did not hesitate to kick off a conversation all about their thoughts on season two, but unfortunately for her, her guests didn't match her excited energy.She began by saying how she never thought any other season could top the series' debut, and then turned to Barlow and Bear to exclaim: "It was so good!"The hilarious momentHowever, she promptly realized she might be barking up the wrong tree, and after asking whether they liked it, she quickly added: "If you let me down right now…" only to have her suspicions proved correct.MORE: Kelly Clarkson teases new addition to the family as she welcomes surprise appearance to her showMORE: Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore and RuPaul receive MTV Movie and TV Award nominationsThe pair relented: "Don't think of us differently… we
Drew Barrymore pens emotional tribute as she announces huge news dear to her heart
Drew Barrymore launched her hit show, The Drew Barrymore Show, in September of 2020, the wins haven't stopped coming in for the star and her program.ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleNow, fresh off of the announcement that it had been nominated for a whopping six Daytime Emmy Nominations, "daytime's new darling" is reigning in yet another incredible honor.The actress got to celebrate being the recipient of a Webby Special Achievement Award for her work and presence not only on her show, but across all her brands, which include Cook with Beautiful, Flower Beauty, and Flower Films.WATCH: Drew reveals her show has been renewed for a third seasonMORE: Drew Barrymore sheds tears on-air as she shares heartfelt moment with actress taking over her roleHailed as "the world's foremost expert at bringing joy to the internet," Drew wore an impossibly chic, silk white suit with her signature tie to receive the award.She kept her speech simple, simply stating: "Social media is a wild ride," though her happiness was palpable in the video she later went on to post about the event.She penned a heartfelt tribute to the Webby Awards and extended her gratitude to her loyal fans, writing: "I cannot thank you enough for this most gracious honor. I am moved to my core!"A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore)The win came with a heartfelt video montage highlighting Drew's achievementsFans were quick to congratulate her and express how well-deserved the win is, writing: "You bring so much light to so many people, you are amazing.
Jennifer Aniston's 'debate' for famous actor's affections in unseen video
Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore may have a mutual good friend and co-star in common, but they are not about pitting themselves against each other for him!ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleOn the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host unveiled a never-before-seen interview with the fellow actress from a special trip to Los Angeles she and her show did when it first debuted in 2020.The two stars sat down outside the iconic Paramount Studios gate in Hollywood, where they discussed some of Jen's most iconic roles, and the daunting process of "making it in California."WATCH: Jennifer delights fans by wearing an incredible coat alongside co-star Adam SandlerMORE: Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson are friendship goals in stunning unseen photosAs the two were discussing her prolific career, Drew couldn't help but mention someone that elicited instant applause from the audience with just his name: Adam Sandler.While pictures appeared of the two stars with him, they affectionately called him "Sandman," and described him as "one of a kind" and as "a unicorn."The Morning Show star fondly said of him: "He walks with joy, lives with joy, and he doesn't get moody… comedians are moody." Adam is one of Jennifer's closest friends and they are set to star side by side yet again in the Murder Mystery sequelAs Drew confessed that's the type she's attracted to, she brought up a viral Twitter debate concerning the trio, which proposed a difficult question: "Who is a better partner for Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore?" MORE: I tried Jennifer Aniston's ultra-healthy salad that she ate every day for ten yearsMORE: Friends' Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox
Drew Barrymore's ex-husband makes rare comment about the star and their daughters
Drew Barrymore has consistently proved that she knows how to handle co-parenting with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, who she shares daughters Olive and Frankie with.ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleFans of the star aren't strangers to hearing all about how close she still is with his side of the family, having recently spent Mother's Day with him and even honoring his new wife, who he married in 2021.While Will, an art consultant, is more private than his ex-wife, he also proved just how friendly things are between them when he made a rare comment about his two daughters – and how much they take after their mom.WATCH: Drew reacts to Britney Spears' heartfelt tribute to herMORE: Drew Barrymore reveals how she proposed to a beloved star after three decades of friendshipThe sweet nod came about when the morning show host shared an unbelievable throwback of herself as a child as she stopped by a late night show in 1983.Drew comes from a long line of famous actors and actresses, and started acting herself when she was merely a year old, going on to get her big break in Steven Spielberg's E.T.In the clip, she's talking about how much she loves New York City, though she was born and raised in Los Angeles.
Drew Barrymore reveals how she proposed to a beloved star after three decades of friendship
Drew Barrymore has previously insisted that she'll never get married again – having been with ex-husband Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016 – there is however a beloved star she is tied to for life.MORE: Drew Barrymore shares rare photo of daughters with their stepmotherDuring a recent interview with WSJ Magazine, the morning show host opened up about the iconic actress she proposed to, and how she changed her life afterwards.Drew got down on one knee for none other than Cameron Diaz, who has been her best friend for decades.WATCH: Drew reacts to Britney Spears' heartfelt tribute to herMORE: Drew Barrymore makes major announcement concerning her television show - fans reactThe two met when the host was only fourteen-years-old, recently emancipated and working at a coffee shop, when Cameron, who was a 16-year-old model, walked in. They have been inseparable ever since, affectionately call each other "PooPoo," and the There's Something About Mary actress is godmother to one of Drew's daughters.As if that's not enough, the 50 First Dates star revealed just how tied the two are, and why she proposed to Cameron.The mom-of-two explained how for nearly all of their friendship, Cameron has been a dedicated activist for sustainability and climate change, constantly trying to get her best friend to be better.
Drew Barrymore makes major announcement concerning her television show - fans react
Drew Barrymore is proving that the role destined for her is that of television host! MORE: Drew Barrymore receives special tribute from beloved star as she makes surprise appearanceEver since launching The Drew Barrymore Show in September of 2020, the star has consistently reigned in awards after awards and honors after honors for her work on the morning talk show.Now, the actress and her show are being honored with a nomination for arguably one of the most meaningful awards a television program can receive, a Daytime Emmy.WATCH: The Drew Barrymore Show renewed for season threeMORE: Drew Barrymore dazzles in her most glamorous look yet for unexpected appearance at star-studded eventWhat's more, it's not just one nomination but rather a whopping six nominations, further establishing what a hit her instantly beloved show has become.Drew took to Instagram to announce the exciting news, thanking her "amazing team" for making it all possible.The nominations include: Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show, Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, Outstanding Writing Team for a Daytime Non-Fiction Series, Outstanding Costume Design & Styling, Outstanding Special Effects, Costumes, Make-up and Hairstyling, and Outstanding Daytime Promotional Announcement.A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore)The exciting announcementUpon the announcement, fans and celebrities alike were quick to comment on how well deserved the nominations are, with fellow morning show host Savannah Guthrie commenting: "Yasssssssss my kween!!!"MORE: Drew Barrymore makes confession about divorce amid debate with co-starMORE: Drew Barrymore revealed an unbelievable milestone for her talk showFans flooded the comment section with congratulations, writing: