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The Chase turns saucy as Bradley Walsh red-faced over player's overtly sexual jibe

The Chase but on Tuesday’s edition (July 5), he was caught off guard. The show's four contestants included 48-year-old pub manager Michael and a 56-year-old retired police officer from Derbyshire, both looking to outsmart the quiz expert of the show to win a shared cash prize.But it was 34-year-old Donru who had the studio erupt into fits of laughter as she joked about her work in sexual health. READ MORE: Paul Sinha's husband and how The Chase star proposed after 'drunken epiphany'Host Bradley Walsh enquired about her career and the strangest ailment she has come across - and the doctor revealed some shocking details.She giggled: “I specialise in sexual health but I’m now also training part time to be a GP, so I’m going to combine the two.

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The Chase viewers distracted by contestant's behaviour as she tries luck on ITV show
The Chase viewers were left distracted by 40-year-old Lucy’s cheerful mood on Monday evening (July 4).This evenings show – fronted by long-time host Bradley Walsh - once again featured 4 contestants hoping to win some money.Gemma, Lucy, Eoin, Ramji joined 61 year old Bradley in the studio to attempt to outsmart one of the franchise’s gaming experts. READ MORE: Paul Sinha's husband and how The Chase star proposed after 'drunken epiphany'However despite tough questions, it wasn’t the groups understanding of topics that caught the attention of viewers watching as her cheerful demeanour got tongues wagging online.The 40-year old former air-hostess went up against barrister and lecturer Shaun Wallace – named The Dark Destroyer – on the popular Quiz programme as she was seeking funds to set up her own silversmith workshop.And Lucy appeared to be a longtime fan of the programme and was clearly enjoying the experience of appearing alongside Bradley Walsh to try and beat the Chaser.However this was much to the chagrin of some disgruntled viewers online who took to social media to express their thoughts.One viewer took to twitter writing: “No one is that happy #TheChase” - @Queen_Vix88Whilst Lois Prior couldn’t help but notice: “Lucy is very happy isn’t she #TheChaseAnd another wrote: “She's too cheerful #thechase” - @janetpascoedeanHowever, despite a few negative comments, the former hairdresser appeared popular with many viewers watching Monday’s edition of the programme.One viewer named CJ was raving so much about the contestant on social media, he wanted to donate to a GoFundMe Page to get her own show writing: “Enchanting is the right word im absolutely obsessed with Lucy on #TheChase she just seems so full of positivity
The Chase feud rumours - 'dirty looks', punch backlash and ITV newcomer pay cut
Chasers on the beloved ITV gameshow.And fiery red-head Jenny Ryan has certainly made an impact on the show since she joined the series back in 2015.Naturally on the adrenaline-inducing game show, the Chasers are encouraged to trash talk each other and their contestants to encourage their competitive side to come out on camera.READ MORE: The Chase's Bradley Walsh swipes at co-star for 'stealing' his ITV jobThe show consists of six professional quiz champions: Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha and Jenny.But as the years go by, the Chasers have been forced to deny that there is any bad blood between them after eagle-eyed fans started to suspect that there is a rift between the six Chasers.As the ITV show prepares to celebrate its 13th anniversary on the airwaves, Daily Star have taken a look at some of the actions behind the Chaser’s “bitter feud.”Last year, viewers were convinced they spotted a “dirty look” between Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and Jenny ‘The Vien’ Ryan on the ITV spinoff show, Beat The Chaser.The show sees the six brainiacs work together as a team and take on members of the public who think they can outsmart them on live TV.But it’s not always plain sailing when working together, as the starlet explained how they can often get in each other’s way when trying to answer the quickfire questions.She went on to address the awkward moment in question during an interview on This Morning as she explained how things tend to get tense if one of them get an answer wrong.Jenny told viewers at home: “It’s a tricky situation. People were actually commenting on the show last night that one of the other Chasers gave me a dirty look.
Dramatic scenes at Glastonbury as fan dragged out of crowd at Paul McCartney's set
Glastonbury to check on an audience member following a crowd safety incident.On a night when Paul made history by becoming the oldest solo performer to command a headline slot at 80, the legendary musician paused his tribute to Jimi Hendrix to make sure a festival-goer was OK.But he had to cut short a tribute to Jimi Hendrix after witnessing security removing a member of the audience in front of him.READ NEXT: The Chase host Bradley Walsh slams ITV show's 'tough questions' in fiery rantPaul's eye was drawn to a number of festival-goers pointing in the middle of the crowd, saying: "What's going on there? Something is happening in the middle of the crowd. Let's attend to it", before pointing in the direction of the incident."It's good, we are sorting it", he added, before continuing his tribute to Hendrix, jokingly adding: "It wasn't that solo I was playing, was it?"It is not yet known whether this was related to a crowd member's ill health or a security issue.Speaking about Hendrix again afterwards he said: "“One of the greatest tributes he ever paid us was when we released Sgt Pepper as a tribute to him and he opened his show with it, he played it really well as a solo … he was really working it, giving it a lot of welly.”Paul received a huge round of applause from the crowd when he first took to the Pyramid Stage, telling them: "Oh man, it’s so good to be here.
The Chase host Bradley Walsh slams ITV show's 'tough questions' in fiery rant
The Chase host Bradley Walsh has slammed the show's 'tough questions' in a three-pronged fiery rant.Friday's episode (June 24) of the ITV quiz show welcomed four players to take on Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan.Acting as quizmaster, Bradley struggled with the challenging nature of the day's show.READ MORE: The Chase's Jenny Ryan slams social media troll after nasty comment about herOn several occasions, he critiqued the "hard" and "tough" questions.Bradley said: "They're hard today the questions, aren't they? Tough today."Agreeing with the 62-year-old presenter, chaser Jenny replied: "They're hard for me as well so it just shows you."While the episode's first player made it through their solo chase, second player up Abigail wasn't so lucky.Opting for the middle offer, she was caught by Jenny before reaching home - leading to further complaints from Bradley.Of the difficult questions, Bradley later added: "I've got to say - I mean, I don't know, we'll get to the answer in a second - but there's been some stinkers here today, these questions, ain't there?"Following yet another difficult round of quizzing, he continued: "First two players up, I don't think I've known such hard questions in head-to-heads."Jenny replied: "The challenge is on today for sure.""You bet," Bradley said before welcoming the episode's third contestant who made it through to the final chase.The episode's fourth player was less lucky and was eliminated - leaving players Mark and Graham to take on Jenny in the final round.Despite an impressive number of pushbacks during the final chase, they were eventually caught by Jenny with 14 seconds to spare.As a result, they walked away empty-handed and without their £13k cash pot.Bradley concluded: "You played well
The Chase fans praise 'incredible' contestant after 'carrying the team' in final round
The Chase fans were gobsmacked after one contestant seemed to carry the the entire team during the final round of the show.Viewers once again tuned into the ITV show and watched Bradley Walsh welcome Matthew, Mark, Joan and Luke to the panel as they tried their hand at winning a top cash prize after competing against the Chaser.This episode saw the players go up against 'the vixen' Jenny Ryan.One by one they stepped up to the podium to face Walsh's onslaught of general knowledge questions and obtained a cash prize, equal to the number of questions answered correctly.Unfortunately, Matthew and Mark were unsuccessful against Jenny and the brainiac sent them home.However, Joan and Luke made an impressive effort and managed to beat Ryan during their individual head to head rounds.They both made it to the final, where Bradley asked them a series of quick fire questions designed to build up their score.After they managed an impressive 17 correct answers within the time limit, Jenny was brought on to try and squash their pride.However, viewers noticed that Luke had answered a staggering amount of questions during the round and were clearly impressed with his efforts.Viewers took to Twitter to marvel at his attempts and couldn't believe what they were seeing.One wrote: "Luke did very well. Beauty and brains!"This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
The Chase's Mark Labbett salary exposed as he 'earns £1m' from ITV show and bingo job
The Chase star Mark Labbett is said to have raked in an eye-watering £1million in just two years after finding success on the ITV show.The Sun claims that Labbett's firm Brainy Best Media Ltd filed accounts this week showing Mark handed over £150,816 to HMRC in Corporation Tax covering the past two years – meaning that he earned well over five times his tax burden in 2020 and 2021.According to the publication, 2019, he paid himself a dividend of £158,000 from his company coffers.That was up from £54,250 in 2018 and a bigger increase from 2017’s modest £22,750.The ITV star also has side jobs as a bingo caller at bars and clubs, with punters paying £10 each to go to Che Bar in Barnsley to see the star call out the numbers.After he found a bingo winner, people then got a chance to take him on for a Chase style quiz as he performed in his Beast alter-ego.However, the star has still got a long way to go to catch up with The Chase's presenter Bradley Walsh.The star is said to have amassed a fortune of over £10million in his firm Wingit Productions Ltd.Bradley's company has got cash and assets worth £12.3m, which was up from £11.5m in 2019, according to The Sun.The star rakes in plenty of money from presenting on a number of ITV shows, including his new venture with his son Barney.Bradley said in 2021 that he was thinking about retiring after 40 years on screen, saying: "You know what, in a couple of years time I won’t have to do any of it, I’ll be retired and that’ll be it."The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.
The Chase's Bradley Walsh comforts player as she loses out on £65,000 jackpot
The Chase (May 30) saw host Bradley Walsh attempt to comfort one of the contestants after they missed out on the chance to add a huge amount of money to the jackpot.After welcoming four new players to the show, it was time for the hopefuls to try and win some cash.Although things got off to a rocky start, it quickly turned with two players making it through to the final chase against Anne "The Governess" Hegerty.However, one finalist couldn't help but show her frustration when she blew the chance to bring back £65,000.The first player to face Anne was Chris, and although he managed to get £7,000 in the cash builder, he was unable to defeat Anne at the table.Then it was time for Callum to play for the team but again, he was sent home by The Chaser.Challenged with the task of trying to win the first spot in the final was player Sue.Thankfully, she managed to add £5,000 to the jackpot which left the final player Emily to face Anne.Showing she was a good player in the cash builder round, she managed to earn £6,000.Although when she was given multiple offers to play for, Bradley asked Sue to advise her on which one she should pick.Sue gave Emily her blessing to take the low offer saying: "I need you here, it's up to you.”To which the player told Bradley: "I think as Sue said she needs me back and I need her as much so for that reason I’m going to go for £1,000."Agreeing with her choice, Anne told the player it was "very important" for her to get back to be with Sue in the final.However, after she sailed through the head-to-head she quickly regretted the lower offer as she could've added £65,000 to the jackpot.When there was only one question left to answer, and three spaces between her and Anne, Emily said: "£65,000,
The Chase's Paul Sinha's marriage - 'breakdown', Parkinsons support and genius
The Chase since 2011 and was the fourth quizmaster to join the show.The ITV quiz show, which is fronted by Bradley Walsh, gave Paul the nickname 'The Sinnerman' and he has remained a fan-favourite since he first hit screens.The popular TV quizzer, 51, came out as gay to his family when he was 35 and in 2017, spoke about his sexuality for the first time during an episode of The Chase.He tied the knot with husband Oliver Levy in 2019 and the pair have been happily married for three years.In honour of the star's 52nd birthday, Daily Star have looked inside Paul's marriage to Oliver.Not much is known about Paul's husband Oliver as he likes to stay out of the spotlight.It is unknown when Paul first met his husband, but he proposed to Oliver in 2019 and the pair tied the knot 11 months later.The Chase star has previously revealed that his hubby is just as passionate about quizzing as he is, telling GuysLikeU in 2017: "I have a boyfriend called Oliver and we are the power couple in the world of quizzing."The Sinnerman took to Twitter and jokingly hinted that was envious of his husband's skills after he won the quizzes that included some of "the world's strongest quizzers."The 51-year-old tweeted: "Yesterday I took part in three very different quizzes with the opposition including many of the strongest quizzers in the UK, Europe and indeed the world. All three were won.