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The Chase feud rumours - 'dirty looks', punch backlash and ITV newcomer pay cut

Chasers on the beloved ITV gameshow.And fiery red-head Jenny Ryan has certainly made an impact on the show since she joined the series back in 2015.Naturally on the adrenaline-inducing game show, the Chasers are encouraged to trash talk each other and their contestants to encourage their competitive side to come out on camera.READ MORE: The Chase's Bradley Walsh swipes at co-star for 'stealing' his ITV jobThe show consists of six professional quiz champions: Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha and Jenny.But as the years go by, the Chasers have been forced to deny that there is any bad blood between them after eagle-eyed fans started to suspect that there is a rift between the six Chasers.As the ITV show prepares to celebrate its 13th anniversary on the airwaves, Daily Star have taken a look at some of the actions behind the Chaser’s “bitter feud.”Last year, viewers were convinced they spotted a “dirty look” between Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and Jenny ‘The Vien’ Ryan on the ITV spinoff show, Beat The Chaser.The show sees the six brainiacs work together as a team and take on members of the public who think they can outsmart them on live TV.But it’s not always plain sailing when working together, as the starlet explained how they can often get in each other’s way when trying to answer the quickfire questions.She went on to address the awkward moment in question during an interview on This Morning as she explained how things tend to get tense if one of them get an answer wrong.Jenny told viewers at home: “It’s a tricky situation. People were actually commenting on the show last night that one of the other Chasers gave me a dirty look.

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The Chase's Mark Labbett salary exposed as he 'earns £1m' from ITV show and bingo job
The Chase star Mark Labbett is said to have raked in an eye-watering £1million in just two years after finding success on the ITV show.The Sun claims that Labbett's firm Brainy Best Media Ltd filed accounts this week showing Mark handed over £150,816 to HMRC in Corporation Tax covering the past two years – meaning that he earned well over five times his tax burden in 2020 and 2021.According to the publication, 2019, he paid himself a dividend of £158,000 from his company coffers.That was up from £54,250 in 2018 and a bigger increase from 2017’s modest £22,750.The ITV star also has side jobs as a bingo caller at bars and clubs, with punters paying £10 each to go to Che Bar in Barnsley to see the star call out the numbers.After he found a bingo winner, people then got a chance to take him on for a Chase style quiz as he performed in his Beast alter-ego.However, the star has still got a long way to go to catch up with The Chase's presenter Bradley Walsh.The star is said to have amassed a fortune of over £10million in his firm Wingit Productions Ltd.Bradley's company has got cash and assets worth £12.3m, which was up from £11.5m in 2019, according to The Sun.The star rakes in plenty of money from presenting on a number of ITV shows, including his new venture with his son Barney.Bradley said in 2021 that he was thinking about retiring after 40 years on screen, saying: "You know what, in a couple of years time I won’t have to do any of it, I’ll be retired and that’ll be it."The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.
Gogglebox star says she’d ‘snog and destroy’ Beat the Chasers' Shaun Wallace
Gogglebox star Alison Worthington has confessed that she’d “snog” the Dark Destroyer from The Chase if she had the opportunity.On Friday (May 20), the beloved Channel 4 spin-off show, Beat The Chasers, aired their final instalment of the five-part game show.And it appears as though viewers at home aren’t the only people tuning into the final show, as the official Channel 4 Gogglebox Twitter account also tweeted throughout the hour-long episode to share their support online.As many fans shared their thoughts on the difficult slew of questions thrown at the contestants, the commentary show couldn’t help but share a naughty outtake from their show last week.During the show, Helena asked her mother which of the six Chasers she would snog given the choice.She asked: “Out of any of them, you’d go for the Beast wouldn’t you? If you were gonna snog any of them, which one would you snog?”The Salford-based grandma had the choice between Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, Darragh Ennis, Mark Labbett, and Shaun Wallace.But it appears as though it was the Shaun who had caught her eye as she confessed: “It would be the Dark Destroyer, I think.”It was at this point that Helena quipped: “You wanna get destroyed by the Dark Destroyer,” to which Alison cheekily replied: “It might be the other way around!”It comes after the professional quizzer was left devastated after his rare Mastermind trophy was smashed to pieces. The star won the coveted away back in 2004, and has reached out to bosses at the BBC to see if they could replace the prized possession after the accident.
The Chase's Mark Labbett would 'happily be strapped up' to lie detector amid fix claims
Mark Labbett has admitted he would "happily be strapped up" to a lie detector test to prove The Chase is not a fix.ITV quiz hit The Chase is one of Britain's most popular teatime shows. The Chasers all have their own individual quirky personality traits that make them lovable to viewers, and viewers have got to know them over the year.This means that with over 2,200 episodes since 2009, fans have come up with some crazy conspiracies - including those viewers who accuse the show of being 'fixed'.One of the chasers, Mark Labbett or otherwise known as The Beast, is not shy of defending himself and his fellow Chasers.In an episode in 2017, Paul Sinha got asked a question which viewers thought was easy, they accused the show of being a fix.Mark didn't let these allegations slide as he told the Express that he would "happily be strapped up" to a lie detector to prove that the show was most definitely not a fix."Social media is great for people's immediate gut reactions but not for a more considered opinion", the Chaser continued.One of the most memorable and shocking moments throughout the 13 years that the quiz show has been aired, happened earlier this year and The Beast was the one under fire.Viewers were left with their jaws dropped as the now iconic moment of Mark Labbett punching the wall and breaking the set after he had just lost a big sum of money to the players.He then took to social media after the outburst to apologise: "Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behaviour tonight.
The Chase fans in shock as contestant reveals startling link to chaser Mark Labbett
The Chase fans were left gobsmacked after one contestant revealed their secret link to Chaser Mark Labbett.Neil joined three other contestants Kate, Sheila and Joe for a chance to win a cash prize on the ITV show.Presenter Bradley Walsh welcomed Neil up to the podium and asked him about his life.Neil revealed that he was from Barry Island and made a Gavin and Stacey reference which made the host laugh.He answered his quick fire questions round before they moved on to welcomed the Chaser.Bradley asked the contestant who he would like to go up against and he gave a very unexpected answer.Neil said: "Not sure if I want to take him on, Brad, but Mark used to be one of my teachers back in school. One of my maths teachers, so would be interesting to see who teaches who a lesson today."A gobsmacked Bradley couldn't believe the news and challenged the contestant, who confirmed that it was true.Mark then came into the studio to a huge round of applause from the audience.Bradley then joked that the pair "meet again" and greeted Mark.Neil sarcastically called him "sir" while Mark asked him for the "homework that is 18 years late".Mark then tried to recall his time as a teacher and where he knew him from at "Caldecott Sixth Form".The Chaser called him "bright," but "not super bright" as he "couldn't remember him," to which Neil responded that Mathematics A-Level was his "end".Shocked fans took to Twitter to share in their amazement.A viewer wrote: "Mark taught him everything he knows."Another tweeted: "Imagine Mark Labbett as your teacher.
Strictly's Anton Du Beke and The Chase's Mark Labbett clash in tense swipe
Anton Du Beke was not prepared for one of Mark Labbett's famous insults as he appeared on The Chase Celebrity Special on Saturday (April 23).The 55-year-old was first up to face the chaser better known at The Beast on the popular quiz show.Up to his usual tricks, Mark was on fine form as he took to his seat on the gameshow while dishing out the insults to the professional dancer.The BBC ballroom expert explained that he'd met the might Beast before when he'd previously appeared on the programme and that it didn't end well.Digging his claws in while interjecting, Mark told the dancer: This is going to be just like Strictly, you haven't won that either."Looking red faced, Anton leaped to hug host Bradely Walsh declaring his feelings had been hurt.Getting back to the game, Anton wished his opponent well as they went head-to-head.The Glitzy TV personality managed to successfully answer four questions correctly in the cash builder.Putting a number of tempting offers on the table, The Beast encouraged the Anton to take a risk and play for the larger £20,000 amount.However, many of Anton's teammates urged him to take the lesser amount instead.Actor Ad Edmondson and impressionist Alistair McGown joked he wasn't good enough, while DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford backed her team mate.The Strictly star took his teams advice and played it safe - opting for the £4,000.It proved to be the right choice as Anton aced his round and made it back for the final round.In fact all stars of the celebrity special went on to have fluent and faultless games against The Beast who even admitted he "couldn't have caught any of them". With £113,000 to play for in the prize fund, it proved to be a tense match.