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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa join brother Luke and kids for bowling

Chris Hemsworth premiered his new blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney on Monday night alongside his wife Elsa Pataky and their twins Tristan and Sasha, eight. And the Hollywood mega hunk, 38, enjoyed some more family time on Tuesday.

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James Wade left petrified after being 'attacked by on-stage pyro' during darts walk-on
alarmingly close to the stage pyrotechnics in Exeter.The Machine walked past the crowd and approached his table - forgetting about the customary sparks that fly from the stage as the game is about to begin.Stepping back in horror, Wade luckily avoided the worst of the heat and even regrouped to see off the challenge of Gary Anderson and reach the semi-finals.Although pleased to see Wade was unharmed, Twitter users shared their amusement at his reaction to the fireworks - having been left baffled by them in the past.One fan wrote: "Every week James Wade gets done by the pyro."With a second adding: "James Wade will never learn when it comes up on that stage."A third continued: "James Wade getting hit by some sparks there has sent me."With a fourth saying: "James Wade and fireworks. Bad combo!" Who is your favourite current darts player? Let us know in the comments sectionA a fifth concluding: "James Wade burning his head again."Following those messages, there was also huge praise for his performance against Anderson, with the former two-time world champion being brushed off by Wade.One fan said: "James Wade's finishing has been mint!"And a second adding: "James Wade doing James Wade things, solid 90 plus average with a 140 plus checkout beating Gary Anderson." Wade, who has been on the tour since way back in 2004, often hits the headlines - from dating Helen Chamberlain and being compared to Kevin Keegan.
Tipping point viewers distracted by 'hot' doctor contestant as he wins jackpot
Tipping Point fans couldn't contain their excitement when a handsome young doctor appeared on the game show.Viewers of the popular ITV quiz show were stunned when medic Harry joined the hopefuls looking to win a cash prize on Thursday (January 20).Harry also caught the eye of some viewers thanks to his dashing looks as they hoped to sample his bedside manner.The medical expert cruised all the way to the final as he admitted to host Ben Shephard he was hoping to use his winnings to buy furniture and a TV for his new house with fiancée Ella.Harry took the plunge and gambled his chance for £3,250 by taking the trade in hope of winning the jackpot as the needed counter teetered on the edge.And the brave move paid off as he bagged himself the £10,000 top prize on the second counter release.Harry also picked up a break to Cornwall, and picnic concert tickets as a reward for his skilled gameplay on the show.And viewers couldn't get enough of it as they took to Twitter to swoon over the Exeter based contestant.One wrote: "I need a doctor (actually ill) and I would like this one from Exeter unless he passes."Another added: "Doctor Harry could come at me from the left!! Love."A third continued: "This hot Doctor on Tipping point has given me a temperature already. Does he do home visits?"Meanwhile, other viewers just saw the funny side to seeing a doctor at all as they joked about restrictions on appointments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.One posted: "A doctor on Tipping Point when Ben asks the question he will get the answer in a couple of hours by phone."A second wrote: "So that's what a doctor looks like."A third tweeted: "Harry the Doctor is through, if he wins the £10k...