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Eerie map shows UK areas that may be destroyed if Russia dropped nuclear bomb on London
Russian President Vladimir Putin decide to launch a nuclear attack on London, towns, cities and villages would be flattened.In the horror photos, millions of houses would be destroyed and hundreds of miles of wasteland would emerge with Scotland perhaps becoming one of the safest places to live in the UK in the terrifying scenario.A map released by Nuclear Secrecy shows that should Russia decide to go full force in a potential World War 3 and release the largest ever bomb designed by the USSR – the Tsar Bomba – on the nation's capital then the highlands might just be the safest place to turn to.According to the map, fatalities could top around six million, with the same amount suffering from devastating injuries further afield, writes The Express.The initial fireball radius, if the centre of London was the focal point, would reach around 6.1 kilometres, while moderate blast damage will stretch out further to 32.6km.A thermal radiation radius, where anyone in its wake would suffer from 3rd degree burns, hits around 73.7km, while a further light blast damage radius hits around 91.8km.This will see glass windows can breaking, causing many injuries in a surrounding population who comes to a window after seeing the flash of a nuclear explosion.That would hit as far as parts of Oxford, Cambridge, and Peterborough.The fallout from the potential attack would hit as far as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, as nuclear effects will travel in the wind – as it did when the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded.This could leave Scotland, and Ireland and Northern Ireland, as the safest places to go.It comes as the UK's health secretary confirmed yesterday, (February 22), that the British government considers Russia to have already begun its