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Tordrick Hall, Peach PRC: What’s On In Queer Sydney

Browse through our picks for what’s on in Sydney this long weekend and beyond, including concerts, cinema and parties.  The Haus of Karma is taking over the Imperial’s basement as part of Volume II of the new Pink Friday series of events. Spearheaded by Sydney queen Karma and her friends Miss Andry and London Bridge, the three will bring various drag shows before the DJs take the stage and keep the good vibes spinning. Pink Friday is a safe space for all queer people with free admission for First Nations people.

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Creator of first robot artist warns AI is 'apocalyptic' and they will replace humans
robot artist is warning that the rise of artificial intelligence is “apocalyptic” – and we are “hurtling” towards AI taking over from humans.Aidan Meller, who is behind the ultra-realistic Ai-Da robot, reckons within three years we will face unimaginable changes as man merges with machine.He also believes Elon Musk is correct when he claims nuclear war would have less impact on mankind than AI. READ MORE: AI-powered 'microbots' learn how to swim - and could one day explore your blood Aidan says: “I agree with Elon Musk that AI is a bigger threat than nuclear war – but it could also be remarkable too.“There is every right to feel nervous about the rise of AI.“We are hurtling towards them taking over humans so we need to have a heart of ethics.“We are merging with ­machines – be warned, this is a changing world.”Today, free exhibition Imagining AI explores the ­boundary between human and machine the Bodleian Library in Oxford.Aidan will be there with Ai-Da, who had an art exhibition at Glastonbury where she painted headliner Billie Eilish.She will meet schoolchildren and create a new piece of artwork for the event.Aidan adds: “AI is going to show a mirror to the dark side of being human.“Technology is not good or bad, it’s how we use it. This ­exhibition will show how it came about and where we want to go.”Rare letters from Ada Lovelace, the world’s first ­computer ­programmer and the inspiration for the robot’s name, will be on display at the ­exhibition.
Anne Hegerty ‘p***ed off’ at idea she'll be replaced by new 'Love Island'-style Chaser
 “They have tried out a few 20-year-olds for The Chase as quizzers.“I would be more than p***ed off if I was replaced, as she would not be as good as me.“Nobody is about to replace me.”In his Oxford Union address, Mark said the producers were looking for someone who can “play like Anne or Jenny (Ryan) and looks like she can be on Love Island”.The popular ITV quiz show is in the middle of its 15th season, and all the current Chasers have tons of experience to show for themselves. In an exclusive interview with from earlier this month, Anne further expressed how unhappy she would be about the decision to introduce new blood.The star previously revealed that the more Chasers there are, the less money they all get paid. She explained: “If they introduce one, I mean, we won’t get told.“It will kind of be sprung on us. I guess we’ll just have to put up with it.”Based on the pattern of recruitment over the last few years, it seems unlikely there will be another Chaser for some time. After the first series of The Chase, Anne joined Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace in 2010.Paul Sinha was added the following year, after which changes to the panel occurred much more slowly.In 2015, Jenny Ryan became the fifth Chaser on the panel, while the most recent addition, Darragh Ennis, was introduced in 2020.This comes as Anne has a new sitcom in the works called Gammon, and is likely to branch her career away slightly from ITV.“The sitcom hasn’t actually been greenlit yet,” she told“We are hoping for someone to pick it up.