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'Instagram deleted my hot pics – but now I'm back and sexier than ever'
READ MORE: Woman brands herself 'plastic bimbo' and dreams of being 'real-life sex doll'But it's also possible her page was removed as her snaps are very racy in nature.Whatever the reason, it has proven to be just a blip in the road as she’s back to posting her raunchy content to a new profile on the social media site.Alicia, who refers to herself as a “plastic bimbo f*** doll”, has gained a loyal following online who love to keep up to date with her extensive plastic surgery procedures.The 31-year-old has been open about the procedures she’s had and how far she is willing to go.She began her doll-like transformation after quitting her PR job and has had multiple surgeries on her breasts, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips.Alicia’s had cheek fillers, nasolabial fillers, Botox more or less on her entire face, PDO threads, chin filler and jaw filler.She has had her eyebrows tattooed higher, thicker lashes and her fingers, chest and neck tattooed – and she isn’t done yet.The OnlyFans model also credits herself with starting the bimbo movement, which she says isn’t a trend that sees girls dressing in pink Y2K clothes. To her, bimbofication is an adult fetish meaning permanently modifying your appearance, your style, your life and your behaviour to become a “bimbo plastic sex doll”.“I didn’t change, I evolved.
Maisie Smith and Max George fans issue complaints over 'inappropriate' social media post
Maisie Smith has been slammed for sharing snaps of her celebrating Valentine's Day with boyfriend Max George.The former EastEnders actress, 21, and The Wanted hunk, 34, enjoyed a date night and cosied up on a huge bed together to mark the most romantic day of the year.Red rose petals were scattered all over the crisp white bedding and Maisie also showed fans a glimpse of a pair of red, patent high highs.READ MORE: Max George brands Maisie Smith 'gorgeous' as he shares snap of her with no make-upThe Tiffany Butcher star showed off her natural beauty as she posed for a selfie with Max's arms wrapped around her as they laid on the bed.However, the pair have been called out for the "inappropriate" post which included a bag from controversial brand Balenciaga.One fan moaned: "Balenciaga really? What chance do we have if people with your two platforms are sharing this!"Another added: "Balenciaga is not the one.... unfollowed."A third person said: Who's buying balenciaga after all what's come out."While a fourth social media user said: "Balenciaga? That's disgusting and inappropriate"It comes after the fashion brand apologised for a photoshoot last year which included children holding teddy bears dressed in BDSM outfits.This caused an outrage on social media and several people soon accused the company and its creative director, Demna, of condoning child exploitation.Balenciaga has since issued a statement on its Instagram Stories apologising.It read: "We take this matter very seriously and are taking legal action against the parties responsible for creating the set and including unapproved items for our spring 23 campaign photoshoot."We strongly condemn abuse of children in any form.
Brits 'too tired to have sex' with lack of sleep turning country into zombie nation
sleep every night.A quarter of us are so zonked we look like creatures from the Shaun of the Dead movie after getting just five hours’ genuine kip, says a study.It is also making 13% of us too tired for rumpy pumpy.READ MORE: 'I'm a voice actor who makes audio porn clips – it really turns me on'And a shocking 91% of the country regularly wakes in the middle of the night.Dr Guy Meadows, a sleep specialist and co-founder of clinic Sleep School, said: “Sleep is one of the most important things – for both our physical and mental health – and it’s clear that sleep deprivation is having a big impact on people’s lives."While it's expected people will wake up momentarily in the night, when it is waking for an extended period of time it can significantly impact wellbeing and mood."Even if you get the same amount of sleep, one long slumber, compared with many shorter disturbed naps, has a more restorative effect on the body."Doing chores and switching on devices in the night causes our body to think it's morning time so it can really play havoc with our sleep patterns."The main reasons for lack of sleep are fears about the cost-of-living crisis, issues with colleagues and daily workloads.To get more stories from Daily Star delivered straight to your inbox sign up to one of our free newsletters here.Around 17% of those asked said they struggled because of their finances, and 15% said work worries messed up their slumber.It comes as research suggests we might need more sleep during the winter.People get more REM (rapid eye movement) sleep in the winter.Boffins reckon we might need to adjust our sleep habits by going to bed earlier in the darker and colder months.READ MORE:'OnlyFans has killed UK porn industry – but it got me through