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GMB fans claim to spot signs there's a 'rift' between Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley
Good Morning Britain viewers wondered where Richard Madeley was as he's "still missing" from the ITV show.The host was absent from the GMB lineup on June 28 for a second day this week.The 66-year-old TV host not being on air again has convinced ITV viewers that this could be due to the brewing rift between him and his co-host Susanna Reid.READ MORE: Richard Madeley cringes viewers out as he ‘chats up’ Loose Women’s Judi LoveRichard usually hosts the show on Monday through to Wednesday each week.Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the matter, with one writing on Twitter: “Beginning to look like Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid have fallen out.”Another user aimed their tweet towards at Adil Ray, which read: “This alleged feud between Madeley and Reid is really benefiting you work wise, eh Adil?”A third penned: “Well I'm taking this as Reid can't work with Madeley anymore.”Other users were pleased with Richard's absence and shared their feelings on this, with another adding: “I’m so glad Madeley isn’t at work this week, can you imagine him discussing the overturning of Roe v Wade? How deeply offensive he would be?“I suspect Susanna is glad she doesn’t have to be on alert, waiting for him to put his foot in his mouth.”Another commented: “Without the entertaining Richard Madely is an insomniac's dream.”Susanna and Richard's feud rumours were set soaring earlier this year after they didn't pose together at the BAFTA Television Awards.Richard arrived on the red carpet separately and without the rest of the GMB team.Richard once opened up about taking over from Piers Morgan during an appearance on Sunday Brunch and explained how he plans to be more absent from GMB in the coming months.He told the C4 hosts:
Piers Morgan reignites furious feud with 'desperate and boring' Dan Walker
Piers Morgan has reignited his feud with rival broadcaster Dan Walker, labelling him “desperate and boring”.The ex-Good Morning Britain host has had a long-standing feud with former BBC Breakfast presenter Dan - despite later being pictured golfing together, hinting they’d put their past behind them.Now Piers has gone all out in his verbal war with Dan, labelling him a “mood-hoovering dullard” - and Dan quickly clapped back. READ MORE: Carol Kirkwood pays sweet tribute to BBC co-worker ahead of 'emotional' exit Things began when Dan was interviewing Mick Lynch, General Secretary of the RMT Union, about the rail strikes for Channel 5 News, writing on Twitter: “We live in the age of the jabby, confrontational interview & the RMT’s Mick Lynch has had a few of them.“If you treat people with respect, you can still ask tough questions & get decent answers, allowing your audience to make their own minds up.”But Piers soon noticed the subtle swipe as he responded to Dan, writing: “Is there anyone more deluded in world television than Desperate Dan… the world’s most boring interviewer.”Dan then hit back: “Why is it ‘boring’ to let someone actually speak rather than shouting over them all the time?”, accompanied by three cry-laughing emojis.Piers simply wasn’t having it and doubled down on his insults, writing: “Mate, I had to leave GMB for being too exciting/dangerous.“You had to leave the BBC because even by their standards you’re a mood-hoovering dullard. But your pompous lectures on how to do interviews are bloody funny, I’ll give you that.”Dan quickly retaliated with the famous GIF of Piers storming out of the Good Morning Britain studio, telling him: “You left GMB because one of your colleagues called you out.
Adil Ray argues 'it's my job to correct you' as he incessantly interrupts GMB guest
Good Morning Britain guest confessed “there’s no point talking to you” on the show due to the constant interruption from co-star Adil Ray.During Thursday’s (June 16) instalment of the popular ITV breakfast show, the 48-year-old broadcaster welcomed journalist Quentin Letts onto the show to discuss the government’s next move over the policy to deport those who enter the UK illegally to Rwanda.The first planned deportation flight to Rwanda was cancelled after a last-minute intervention from the European Court of Human Rights on the same day that 440 people were found attempting to cross the English Channel and enter the UK.As Priti Patel confirmed she was committed to making sure the policy was carried out, it’s fair to say the discussion quickly became heated after Adil discussed how the UK government should be treating migrants.On the show, Adil locked horns with the parliamentary sketch writer and journalist for The Times over how to handle those who try to make the life-changing journey across the English Channel.Adil argued that Rwandan refugees shouldn’t be treated any “different” to Ukrainians who have been given every opportunity to seek refuge in the UK through legal methods online.Quentin replied: “Because Ukrainians, as far as I know, aren’t washing up dead on the beaches of Dover.”Adil explained: “That’s my point, they’re not because they’re allowed to apply online, so if they didn’t have an online visa system...actually some of them are at Calais. Most of them, because they’ve got an online visa system.“The Afghans do not have an online visa system.
Susanna Reid breaks down on GMB as Grenfell victim talks tragic loss of niece
Susanna Reid could not fight back the tears on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain (June 14).The host was joined by David Badilli and Manny Ruiz, who were both deeply affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy which ruined the lives of many five years ago.Brave David, had been a firefighter at the scene and was taken with resting many who were trapped in the burning blaze.He had been tasked with rescuing Manny’s 12-year-old niece Jessie - who sadly did not make it out alive from the devastating fire.David was sent to the 20th floor to bring the young girl to safety but she had travelled to the top of building to get away from the flames and had no way out.Jessie's tragedy brought the two men closer together and they are now close friends with the pair appearing on the ITV programme sharing their account of awful situation together.The heartbreaking story left Susanna emotional and in tears and she commended the twosome for their "courage" and "bravery".Becoming choked up as she addressed the two men, she said: "I can see how hard it is to hear… it’s hard for me and all I did was report on it here in the studio."Susanna went on: "I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to listen, I know you’re friends you and David, and David at the time, you didn’t realise you were looking for your friend’s niece."But to find out someone was in the building trying to get Jessica back and she’d done what she thought was the safe thing to do, meant she was getting further into danger.
Richard Madeley brutally swipes Piers Morgan for storming off GMB set last year
Richard Madeley landed a brutal swipe about former news anchor Piers Morgan - who stormed off Good Morning Britain last year.The television host, 66, was joined by Royal expert Chris Ship on Tuesday's programme (June 14), when talk turned to Susanna Reid's former co-star.Chris was chatting away about Prince Harry's new tell-all book that will be released in the autumn when the conversation reverted back to the Meghan Markle's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.With this, Richard couldn't help but make a stiff jibe about Piers, who famously waltzed off set last year - calling it quits on GMB after refusing to apologise over his opinion about Meghan's account.Richard said: "Of course, one does wonder if those pictures of that very brief contact between Harry, Meghan and the Royals during the Jubilee weekend."Maybe that will be the last time that even happens with this book coming out that Prince Harry is writing or ghosting or however he's putting it together which is meant to contain explosive stuff that makes the interview with Oprah Winfrey look like a cosy chat."Chris replied: "Well, I mean, we know how controversial that interview with Oprah Winfrey was, not least on this programme."The Royal expert continued: "But yes, the book is due out in autumn [and] it's coming out with lots of other books at that time of year ready for the big Christmas market."And yeah, I mean, it's going to be a big deal.""I think where we are with the book at the moment is they're deciding what to leave in and what to take out."And I think that's one of the big issues going on between Harry and his publishers at the moment."But the book is coming, and we'll be talking about that I'm sure on this programme in the autumn," finished
GMB presenter Ben Shephard takes aim at Laura Tobin after she storms off show
Good Morning Britain turned frosty as presenter Ben Shephard took aim at weathergirl Laura Tobin - just days after she stormed off set.Ben and his co-host Kate Garraway were discussing the collective noun for a weather presenter as Laura joins 29 of her other meteorologists for a conference.Laura is currently in Innsbruck, Austria, for the International Weather Summit, surrounded by cloud and determined to "yodel them away", Kate joked.Kate began by saying: "We were trying to work out the collective noun, weren't we, for weather presenters. I said cloud, you said storm..."But it wasn't all fun and games, as Ben told viewers: "Our producer today suggested depression, a depression of weather presenters" as Kate giggled beside him.Charlotte Hawkins suggested a "sunshine" of weather presenters to lighten the mood, while other fan suggestions included a "confusion", "shower" and "mizzle".Confusion certainly seemed to irk Laura, as Kate said: "Oh that's made her cross, she doesn't like that!"It came at a rather tense time, as just days before Richard Madeley told Laura she 'isn't needed anymore', after a discussion about red skies on the programme.Richard's brazen comment came after he asked: "I have to say there was an amazing sunrise driving in this morning, it was a really, really bright, bright, bright red.“Is that old saying sunrise in morning, shepherd’s warning true?” he asked.Laura explained: “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning – it's actually true because the sun is rising in the south east and it basically is reflecting off the clouds that are coming in.
Boris Johnson’s ex slams GMB host Richard Madeley amid intimate question row
Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley as ‘presumptuous’ as he opened up a rather intimate line of questioning live on-air.Petronella appeared on the programme to discuss the recent vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, but Richard was keen to question her on the particulars of their love affair.They spent four years together, and Richard was desperate to find out more about it, despite Petronella’s discomfort.One line of questioning involved him wondering if she’d get back together with the PM if they were both single.Richard asked: “If he wasn’t married, if he was single, and if you weren’t going out with anyone, could you see yourselves getting back together?”“I’m not going to answer that,” Petronella clapped back. “I could be engaged, I could… I’m not going to answer that.”Resigning himself, Richard then said: “You don’t have to answer it.”Things got even icier as he pressed: "You were together for four years, presumably in that period you loved him...."Petronella interjected: "You're very presumptuous, Richard!" as Richard argued: "Well you were together for four years, I assume you weren't with him because you hated him! It's not presumptuous, it's common sense!"Thankfully the pair shared a giggle before Richard continued with his questioning - making it clear it was all in good fun.And Richard wasn't deterred as he pushed: "Two questions, really.
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GMB fans fume as Richard Madeley shows Iraq prisoner's family how much water he'll get
Good Morning Britain fans couldn't believe what they were seeing as host Richard Madeley produced a tiny water bottle to show a terrified family how much water their relative will get in an Iraqi prison.British geologist Jim Fitton, 66, has been arrested in Iraq for collecting 12 stones and bits of broken pottery on a recent geology and archaeology tour of the country - which he insists he was told he was allowed to take.Mr Fitton insisted he had no idea he was breaking the country's laws.And his devastated family, who are desperately appealing for his release, admitted on the programme that they'd learned the news just yesterday from a journalist and were still in shock as Richard began questioning them.But it was as he brought out a tiny water bottle to demonstrate how much water Mr Fitton will receive per day that viewers at home had to suspend their disbelief.With Jim's daughter and son-in-law chatting to the hosts via video link, Richard said: "I don't want to distress you any more, but we know the conditions in Iraqi prisons are awful, by and large."One of the statistics to come out is horrific! This is what the World Health Organisation says an average adult needs to drink in terms of water every day," he said, gesturing to a large bottle he had on the desk."Every 24 hours you need a minimum of two litres."Producing a tiny bottle of water beside it, Richard went on: "And this is routinely all that a prisoner gets in that 24 hour period. They give them 250 millilitre bottles, that's what they're given."He then asked: "Have you any more detailed knowledge of the kind of conditions he's been kept in?"Which is when Mr Fitton's family admitted: "We have no idea where he's even going to end up at the moment.