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Piers Morgan lashes out at Dan Walker again as he doubles down on 'boring' jibe

Piers Morgan and Dan Walker.Piers, 57, now presents his own primetime programme 'Piers Morgan Uncensored' on start-up network, TalkTV moving from ITV's Good Morning Britain whilst Dan Walker, 45, moved from BBC Breakfast to be the lead anchor on Channel 5 News.But the pair cannot seem to shake off their long-running enmity and frequently get into squabbles on the social media site. READ MORE: Piers Morgan reignites furious feud with 'desperate and boring' Dan Walker The pair previously got into a furious spat after Dan shared a clip of Piers’ interview with RMT union boss Mick Lynch amid ongoing train strikes.And in the latest chapter of their discord, one fan took couldn’t help but stick his oar into the proceedings. Dan shared a GIF depicting the now infamous walkout, where Piers stormed out of the ITV studio after a heated debate over The Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle with weatherman Alex Beresford.

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Piers Morgan reacts after Dan Walker mocks host after walking out of GMB live on-air
Piers Morgan, 57, famously walked off the Good Morning Britain set in March last year after being embroiled in a disagreement with his former colleague Alex Beresford surrounding Meghan Markle.The TalkTV presenter took to Twitter today to hit out at Dan Walker, 45, as he tried to light-heartedly mock Piers this morning as he walked off the ITV set in the same fashion.Piers took to Twitter to respond to an article headlining: "Dan Walker poked fun at his rival Piers Morgan by jokingly storming out of his Good Morning Britain interview this morning."The former GMB presenter replied in view of his 7.9 million followers: "He couldn’t even do this better than me…"Many social media users took to the comments in response to Dan's lighthearted joke, as the presenter's cheeky feud has been reignited.BnmPlanet said: "Award goes to @PiersMorgan for the best 'Storming Out' act."AlbieCamus added: "Dan Walker has a sense of humour unlike some."BornPeachy commented: "He wants to be you, Piers! Imitation is the highest form of flattery."Dan joined Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on this morning's GMB as he discussed his move to Channel 5, prior to his first show airing tonight.As Richard wished the former BBC Breakfast presenter "good luck", Dan made a final jibe at Piers.He joked: "Right, I'm going to do what they normally do on this programme and walk off."The Channel 5 star got up from his seat and walked away from the desk.Susanna jumped in: "I'd just like to point out only one person has ever done that but it is a stage that has been set for you.”"See you later," Dan said as he opened the studio door and walked away.He continued: "See you at five o’clock on Channel 5."Piers infamously walked off GMB when his co-star Alex hit out
Susanna Reid takes swipe at Piers Morgan as Dan Walker 'storms off' GMB
Susanna Reid took a cheeky swipe at her former co-star Piers Morgan as the duo's old rival made an appearance on Good Morning Britain.Former BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker sat down with Susanna and Richard Madeley ahead of his first show on Channel 5 later this afternoon (June 6).Before his interview though, the 45-year-old appeared backstage smiling as he held a branded ITV mug, but his smiles soon turned to a frown as he tipped the cup upside down, revealing it was actually empty.He then walked past the camera and vanished from shot, with Susanna laughing: "He's already stormed off! He got the memo."She was, of course, referencing Piers Morgan's frosty exit from the ITV show, when he walked off set following an argument with Alex Beresford.Dan made a special appearance on Good Morning Britain after years of an on-air feud with the show, when he was on BBC Breakfast.He said he was "looking forward to" his new show, as it meant he didn't have to have such an early alarm, with it being an afternoon show.Susanna asked him whether he would have made an appearance on the ITV show if "the former occupant of Richard's chair was here" – meaning Piers.Dan cheekily asked if she was referring to Adil Ray, who also sits in the co-host seat on rotation.He then said: "I think the more interesting question is, would you lot have been here if he was back in that chair?"After the cryptic Piers chat was over, conversation moved on to Dan's old job and what he wouldn't miss about it.He said: "The first thing I think is those days where you've got to talk about things that are horrible, whether it's the Manchester Bomb...
GMB hosts 'scold' Alex Beresford after Buckingham Palace wardrobe 'blunder'
Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins couldn't resist taking a swipe at Alex Beresford for his appearance. Presenting his usual weather segment, Alex, 41, appeared outside Buckingham Palace to give viewers their usual update on the weather in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.After finishing, Adil, 48, tried to get back in contact with the weatherman but had unfortunately lost connection."Alex are you still there? Is Alex still there? Alex?" Adil questioned before stating: "Oh he's gone.""I'm here!" Alex exclaimed.Adil took this as the perfect opportunity to jokingly scold Alex for his outfit choice, claiming he was missing a vital piece of clothing for an appearance outside Buckingham Palace."He's probably gone to get a tie I would've thought!," Adil claimed.Charlotte, 47, agreed as she chimed: "Yeah one thing has been noted about your appearance today, Alex, it's the lack of a tie, I mean hello, you're right by Buckingham Palace.The comedian questioned the weatherman: "I mean come on, where's the tie?, before shouting "Off with his head!" The ITV star couldn't believe what he was hearing as he insisted: " I am so sorry, I will go and find a tie."Adil suggested that if he added a tire to his attire, he "might get an invite" inside Buckingham Palace.This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
Ranvir Singh snaps at Charlotte Hawkins after GMB group photo blunder at BAFTAs
Ranvir Singh was quick to correct her fellow Good Morning Britain star Charlotte Hawkins after the blonde bombshell shared a snap of the news team at the BAFTA TV Awards.On Sunday (May 8), the 46-year-old took to Twitter to celebrate her attendance the show’s nomination for their tell-all interview with Shamima Begum last year.And it’s fair to say the mum-of-one posed up a storm as she strutted her stuff down the red carpet in a gorgeous black gown.Before the group made their way into the awards ceremony held at London’s Royal Festival Hall, some of the broadcasters from the ITV morning show couldn’t help but get a group photo together as a team.After the TV presenter woke up with a sore head the next morning, she took to the popular social media platform to share a snap of the team from the whirlwind evening with her loyal legion of fans.In full view of her 249,300 followers, Charlotte beamed beside her colleagues including Sean Fletcher, Laura Tobin, Alex Beresford, Ranvir and Dr Hilary Jones.But there were a few team members noticeably missing from the shot, including Susanna Reid and Adil Ray although they did attend the ceremony.She captioned the sweet snap: “Team @gmb at the BAFTAs!” but her 44-year-old colleague jumped at the chance to recognise the rest of the GMB team who couldn’t attend the event.As her 109,200 fans watched on, the brunette beauty replied: “Some of us!” recognising the hundreds of other team members often hidden behind the camera on the TV morning show.Although the brunette beauty attended the star-studded awards ceremony, Susanna appeared to miss out on the red-carpet snaps before the event took place.Weatherman Alex also took to Twitter to share some of the exclusive snaps of himself taken at
GMB's Alex Beresford claps back after Donald Trump calls him 'a stiff' to Piers Morgan
Alex Beresford has posted a hilarious clip of him hula-hooping to jokingly prove that Donald Trump was wrong to call him "a stiff".The former US President took the swipe at the weather presenter when he appeared on Piers Morgan's new Uncensored show, which was launched this week.Piers and Donald were talking about Piers leaving Good Morning Britain last year, after a row about Meghan Markle and the fact that Piers didn't believe everything she had to say in her sensational sit-down with Oprah Winfrey. The American politician told Piers he thought he had over-reacted, although he said "the guy was a stiff", presumably referring to Alex, who Piers clashing with.Alex has since posted a video online of him hula-ing as a light-hearted comeback, saying: "Dearest Donald, the hips don't lie!"He added a cheeky winking emoji to his post.Fans thought Alex's response was utterly perfect and plenty of crying with laughter emojis were posted on Twitter."Oh that's why you are on the TV," said one person."Like to see Piers & Donald trying to hula!" teased another."Gwarn Alex… for sure the hips don't lie," said one fan, adding: "Looking good."Another person said the clip was "very hot", while one fan admitted: "I'm a little turned on by that.""He got the moooovvvesss!!!!" someone else said.Some people also reckoned Alex's skills should earn him a spot on Strictly Come Dancing, saying he'd be just right for the BBC ballroom show."Looks like you passed the Strictly Come Dancing aptitude test," one tweeted."Was that an audition for Strictly?" asked one fan.
Alex Beresford fires back at Donald Trump for branding him 'a stiff' in Piers Morgan chat
GMB co-star Piers Morgan when the new TalkTV host sat down for a chat with former US President, Donald Trump.Trump and Piers discussed a wide range of topics - from the Royal Family to the US election - and the Good Morning Britain weatherman was also brought up in conversation.On Twitter, Alex typed: “Dearest Donald, the hips don’t lie,” alongside a video of him using a hula hoop while on the ITV show, in a witty response to Trump's jibe that he "was a stiff", while addressing his on-air row with Piers over Meghan Markle.Alex’s name cropped up as Piers teed up the second part of his exclusive interview with Trump, which will air on Tuesday evening. Piers shared previews of Trump’s thoughts on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well Elon Musk’s purchase of social media giants, Twitter. The TalkTV host then shared a snippet of the conversation regarding his GMB departure, with Piers saying to viewers: “Trump even gave his forthright take on my walkout from Good Morning Britain.”In the clip, Piers says to the former President: “I chose the title [Uncensored] because I lost my last job at the Good Morning Britain show -“Trump nodded along before he interjected: “I thought you overreacted by the way…”“Well, I’ll tell you what happened…” Piers tried to protest, before Trump delivered his own damning verdict on Alex.He weighed in: “I mean, the guy was a stiff! “You didn’t have to do (that),” Trump added, before Piers tried to point out: “It wasn’t about him.”“You made it about him!” Trump interrupted again. “He probably got a nice raise.”Piers could be heard chuckling in the background in the interview, before commenting: “You’re right about that.”And as the cameras returned to the TalkTV studio, Piers had one final swipe to
Piers Morgan slams Sharon Osbourne’s ‘disgusting’ axing from The Talk for ‘having an opinion’
Piers Morgan has shared his thoughts on Sharon Osbourne being axed from The Talk, labelling the decision ‘disgusting’.Sharon, 69, previously presented on CBS’ The Talk, but left last year after an on-screen clash with co-host Sheryl Underwood.She had come under fire for defending Piers, 57, after his controversial comments on Meghan Markle, which led to his departure from Good Morning Britain.After her on-air comments last year, CBS confirmed the mother-of-three would be leaving The Talk, and the show itself would go on a hiatus.It has now been confirmed that Sharon will be hosting her own show on Talk TV, alongside Piers, who is set to return to television with his show Uncensored on the same channel on Monday.He shared his thoughts on Sharon being axed from The Talk, telling The Sun’s TV Mag: ‘I’m particularly delighted about that, because Sharon got cancelled from her show The Talk in America after 10 years, a show that she loved and was the star of, because she tweeted her support for my right to have an opinion.‘She didn’t even agree with the opinion, she just said I was entitled to it, which by the way I was.’Piers explained that Sharon was accused of being a ‘racist sympathiser’, and that him being called racist for saying he didn’t believe Meghan Markle was ‘complete nonsense’ as well. He added: ‘What happened to me was bad, what happened to Sharon was disgusting,’ claiming she was ‘basically made unemployable’ by the backlash. News UK’s new network, Talk TV launches on Monday, April 25, with both Piers and Sharon being given shows on the station. Piers Morgan releases leaked footage of Nigel Farage slagging off Donald TrumpPiers Morgan calls Alex Beresford an ‘idiot’ and mocks GMB exit by storming off
Piers Morgan brutally declares 'Meghan Markle is to veracity what Putin is to humanity!'
Piers Morgan has aimed another swipe at Meghan Markle as he compares her relation to veracity to "what Putin is to humanity".The former Life Stories host, 57, made the comments in a new column ahead of the debut of his new TalkTV show, Uncensored, next week.Last year the star left his presenting responsibilities on GMB after saying that he "didn't believe a word" the Duchess of Sussex had said.Piers made the comments following Meghan's landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey where she claimed she faced mental health struggles as part of the royal family.The next morning on GMB, Piers told how he didn't believe the Duchess' claims before disagreeing with ITV weatherman Alex Beresford and storming off set.In a savage new jibe, the host of TalkTV's new show Piers Morgan: Uncensored branded his removal from the ITV programme as "cowardly censorship" while taking another swipe at Meghan."But my enforced removal from Good Morning Britain last year for refusing to apologise for an honest opinion that Meghan Markle is to veracity what Vladimir Putin is to humanity was cowardly corporate censorship, and I’m confident that if Princess Pinocchio writes to my new boss Rupert Murdoch demanding my head on a plate – as she did to ITV’s CEO Dame Carolyn McCall – she won’t be quite so successful," he wrote in The Spectator.Elsewhere, the star spoke at the press event for his new show, revealing that his stance on the Duchess of Sussex hasn't changed.Piers said: "I still don't believe a word Meghan Markle says."I think almost everything that comes out of our mouth is complete b******t."However, the star went on to take issue with the fact that his co-host Susanna Reid was allowed to voice her opinion on Meghan's comment, while he
Piers Morgan storms off ITV set again as he clashes with Lorraine Kelly over GMB exit
Piers Morgan has returned to ITV to chat to his old pal Lorraine Kelly about his brand new TalkTV show.The 57-year-old presenter was back on the channel on Thursday (April 21) morning to discuss his new TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored.However, conversation quickly turned to moment he famously stormed off Good Morning Britain last year after he clashed with weather presenter Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle.The outspoken star offered his opinion on the Duchess of Sussex's then-recent comments about her mental health, including her experiences of racism and suicidal thoughts.He later stormed off set and quit Good Morning Britain later that day in the midst of widespread criticism from various mental health charities and the general public.Lorraine, 62, went to ask Piers if she regretted leaving the ITV breakfast show.He replied: "I only regret that ITV tried to get me to apologise for something that I believed in... I didn't believe [Meghan] then, I don't believe her now."Lorraine then attempted to move the subject onto the Ofcom ruling, which vindicated ITV following a record-number of complaints made about his remarks.As she tried to explain that, due to Susanna Reid and others showing balance, they didn't flout the rules.However, Piers said that he did "not agree with that"."They said it was a chilling infringement to my free speech," Piers fumed of ITV.
Piers Morgan 'storms' back onto ITV set as he makes return after abrupt GMB exit
Piers Morgan has made an epic return ITV over a year after he quit Good Morning Britain following a clash with co-star Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle.The 57-year-old outspoken presenter was back on our screens on Thursday (April 21) morning to chat to his old pal Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled talk show.He appeared on Lorraine to promote his new TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored, which launches on Monday, April 25.Before the pair got the chance to sit down and chat, Piers jokingly stormed onto the Lorraine set, referring to the time he stormed off GMB in March last year.Lorraine was left in stitches as Piers made his way to his seat and they later chatted about what fans can expect from his new series.Piers confirmed the exciting news of his return to ITV studios on his official account on Wednesday (April 20) morning.He penned: "BREAKING: I’ll be returning to ITV tomorrow for first time since the Markle Debacle… live & definitely uncensored on ⁦ @lorraine with the fabulous ⁦ @reallorraine - should be fun… (may even storm back onto ⁦@GMB while I wait, & get those ratings back up.)"Former newspaper editor Piers stormed off the set of GMB in March last year following a heated row with weather presenter Alex.The outspoken star offered his opinion on the Duchess of Sussex's then-recent comments about her mental health, including her experiences of racism and suicidal thoughts.He later stormed off set and quit Good Morning Britain later that day in the midst of widespread criticism from various mental health charities and the general public.Piers has since admitted that leaving GMB was a sad moment for himself, viewers and his TV wife Susanna Reid.He explained: "The sort of mystery about the ITV thing is I was simply
'Wanted moment of fame!' Piers Morgan claims Alex Beresford ‘rehearsed lines' for GMB spat
Piers Morgan is returning to ITV today, just over one year after he walked off the set of Good Morning Britain following a nasty spat with weatherman Alex Beresford. Ahead of his appearance on Lorraine this morning, Piers revealed in a new interview that he believed Alex was after his “moment of fame” and that their altercation had been rehearsed ahead of time.Piers, 57, dramatically exited the set of Good Morning Britain in March 2021 after Alex, 41, slammed his attitude towards Meghan Markle.The journalist has now claimed that the weatherman had an ulterior motive for calling him out. “Apparently he was heard out the back rehearsing his lines,” Piers said. “Clearly wanted to have his little YouTube moment of fame, and that’s fine. “I know he was planning a Hollywood career,” he continued brazenly. “I’m not quite sure how it’s going; I’ve not heard any updates.” have contacted Alex’s representatives for comment.Early last year Meghan, 40, claimed that racist treatment she received while working as a senior member of the royal family left her feeling suicidal in a sit down interview with her husband Prince Harry, 37, and TV’s Oprah Winfrey. Questioning the credibility of the Duchess of Sussex’s claims, Piers told 1.9 million GMB viewers at the time: “I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she said, Meghan Markle.  “I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report.”Alex went on to suggest Piers’ response was due to him having some sort of personal vendetta against Meghan. During the exchange, Alex said: "I understand you’ve got a personal relationship with Meghan Markle, or had one, and she cut you off."She’s entitled to cut you off if she wants to.
Piers Morgan threatens to ‘storm into GMB' from backstage as ex co-stars warn ‘lock doors'
Piers Morgan has asked his 7.9 million Twitter followers whether he should “storm in” to Good Morning Britain following his infamous exit last year.The journalist is finally returning to ITV today to appear on Lorraine, which airs straight after GMB. “Shall I storm into ⁦@GMB?” he tweeted half an hour before his appearance on the show, while watching Kate Garraway and Lorraine Kelly poke fun at him on-air from backstage.It comes when, shortly before his momentous return, his ex ITV colleagues Kate and Lorraine joked that they would have to “locked the doors” beforehand. “Piers Morgan is in the building and hopefully he will stay for the whole interview!” Lorraine announced. “I’ll cross my fingers,” she added, as the Good Morning Britain presenters burst out laughing. “We’re going to have to go and find him aren’t we?” Kate quipped.Her co-star Richard Bacon said: “He absolutely might come into this studio.“I don’t know if we’ve got a bolt…”“A bolt for the door!” Kate added gleefully, as Lorraine chimed in, “Lock the doors!”Piers is on Lorraine this morning at 9am on ITV.Alex’s accusations caused Piers to storm off the set of the ITV show, and he has not returned to the channel since. Piers had previously told he would not speak to Alex again as he reflected on his departure from the programme.Piers, 57, is returning just over one year after he walked off the set of Good Morning Britain following a nasty spat with weatherman Alex Beresford.More to follow...
Piers Morgan announces TV return for first time since Meghan Markle rant
refusing to issue an apology to Markle and Prince Harry over his controversial comments.After tens of thousands of people complained about his remarks about Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, he made the decision to leave his position after six years. Morgan famously stormed off the morning show’s set after an on-air spat with weatherman Alex Beresford over his comments about Markle.BREAKING: I’ll be returning to ITV tomorrow for first time since the Markle Debacle… live & definitely uncensored on ⁦@lorraine⁩ with the fabulous ⁦@reallorraine⁩ – should be fun… (may even storm back onto ⁦@GMB⁩ while I wait, & get those ratings back up.) tweeted, “I’ll be returning to ITV tomorrow for first time since the Markle Debacle… live & definitely uncensored.”“Should be fun… (may even storm back onto @GMB ⁩while I wait, & get those ratings back up),” he added.Last year, Morgan questioned the sincerity of Markle’s revelations after she told Oprah she had suicidal thoughts during her time living in the palace.The former GMB presenter, who has a well-documented thorny relationship with the Duchess of Sussex, doubled down on his comments over his disbelief at Markle’s claims about racism and suicidal thoughts, the day after he left the ITV show.When Morgan announced new details about his upcoming return to TV, he said in a statement that he was “forced to leave a job that I loved at the peak of its success for having the audacity to express an honestly held opinion.”According to The Sun, Morgan added that he wants his new show to serve as “a platform for lively, vigorous debate, the news-making interviews, and that increasingly taboo three-letter word – fun.