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Russian strike on Ukraine shopping centre death toll rises as G7 leaders condemn 'war crime'

The leaders of the G7 group said a deadly Russian missile attack on a shopping centre in Ukraine was "abominable". The strike, in the central-eastern city of Kremenchuk, located around 81 miles from Russian areas of control, has killed at least 18 people.

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Pete Doherty pays tribute to Ukraine ahead of landmark Glastonbury gig
Ukraine, four months after Russia invaded the country.Pete Doherty and bandmates are celebrating 20 years since the release of their debut album Up the Bracket this year and headlined The Other Stage at the famous festival as part of the celebrations.But ahead of their performance, the group played a video from Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who pleaded with music lovers to "spread truth".READ MORE: Melanie C teases Spice Girls performance with Victoria at GlastonburyZelenskyyurged those at the festival to raise awareness for their charity United24 over the course of the weekend and encouraged them to put pressure on politicians.During a break in The Gold Old Days, Pete led the crowd and chanted "Volodymyr Zelensky" to the tine of Seven Nation Army by The White Strips, which later returned at the closing of their set.Meanwhile, drummer Gary Powell started the cheer: "We love you Ukraine, we do – oh Ukraine we love you!" sending the audience wild.He said: "Greetings, Glastonbury! The festival resumes this year after a two-year break, the pandemic has put on hold the lives of millions of people around the world but has not broken."We, in Ukraine, would also like to live the life as we used to and enjoy the freedom and this wonderful summer. But we cannot do that because the most terrible has happened – Russia has stolen our peace."We will not let Russia's war break us, and we want to stop the war before it ruins people's lives in other countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America – they are all under threat now.