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Jada Pinkett-Smith makes 'terrified' parenting revelation as daughter Willow comforts her

Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, has made a heartfelt confession at what is a difficult time for her famous family. As the actress, her husband and children continue to heal following Will's Oscars outburst when he hit Chris Rock, Jada has opened up about her seemingly "strong" exterior. MORE: Will Smith makes return to TV for candid interview amid Oscars incidentDuring an upcoming episode of Facebook Watch's Red Table Talk which was shared with People, she chatted to her daughter Willow and mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, to discuss parenting and growing up. WATCH: Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith's marriage The episode is titled, How Destructive Mothers Damage Their Daughters: Could This Be You? and it raised some challenging issues for Jada. In the short clip, Jada, 50, remembers her childhood and said: "I had to, like, deal with a lot of stressful adult things at a young age. I didn't have the ability to deal with the emotions that were coming with it.

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Will Smith had a premonition his career would be ‘destroyed’ before Oscars incident
Will Smith reveals he once had a premonition about the moment his career would be “destroyed” during a ritual with ayahuasca, where he consumed the psychedelic substance and experienced a vision of what he described as a difficult moment in his career and personal life.The Hollywood actor shared what he saw in his premonition, during an interview filmed months before the controversial Oscars slap involving his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and the comedian Chris Rock.Hosted by David Letterman, Will makes a guest appearance on a recent episode of ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ and talks about his experience with ayahuasca.He explained to Letterman, “Once you drink it you’re going to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself,” adding that “One of the experiences was the individual most hellish psychological experience of my life.”Will detailed what he saw while being on ayahuasca, “I drank, and it usually takes about 45 minutes to kick in. And I’m sitting there and you always feel like, ‘Maybe it won’t kick in this time.’ So I’m drinking and sitting there and then all of a sudden it’s like I start seeing all of my money flying away, and my house is flying away and my career is going away.”“My whole life is getting destroyed,” he said about the premonition, “This is my fear in real life, and I’m in there and I’m wanting to vomit and all of that, and I hear a voice saying: ‘This is what the f–k it is.
Will Smith hallucinated that his career would be destroyed in interview BEFORE shock Oscars slap
Will Smith revealed in his upcoming David Letterman interview that he hallucinated a vision of losing his career and fortune while on an ayahuasca drug trip, according to a newly leaked clip posted on Twitter.The admission for Letterman's Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction was strikingly timed, as the 53-year-old actor taped the interview prior to attending the Academy Awards.During the ceremony, he slapped presenter Chris Rock on stage after he made a joke referencing his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's hair loss, and he has since had several high-profile projects— v (@ViralMaterials) May 23, 2022 Foreshadowing: Will Smith revealed in his upcoming David Letterman interview that he hallucinated a vision of losing his career and fortune while on an ayahuasca drug trip, but he taped it prior to his shocking Oscars slapSmith opens the excerpt by admitting he was 'terrified' of taking ayahuasca, a drink originating in South America that is brewed from plants that cause a psychedelic experience.People who use the drink report hallucinations and visions, including sometimes dramatic ones that supposedly have therapeutic effects. 'I decided that it was something that, you know, I wanted to try,' the actor said he decided after researching the drug.He described the high as creating two realities that are both '100 percent present' at the same time: 'It's not superimposed over this reality.
Oscars set March date for 2023 ceremony
Oscars have set a date for their 2023 ceremony – see all you need to know below.After this year’s Academy Awards, which hit headlines following Will Smith’s notorious onstage slap of Chris Rock, the Oscars will return next year on March 12 and take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.The submission deadline for general entry categories will be November 15 this year, with preliminary shortlists being announced on December 21.Voting for nominations will then take place on the week of January 12-17, 2023 after the eligibility period ends on New Year’s Eve.The nominations for the 2023 Oscars will then be revealed on January 24 next year, with final voting taking place in the week before the ceremony (March 2-7).In an incident that has since gone down in history, Smith struck Rock onstage during the Academy Awards ceremony this March following a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head.Following numerous apologies over the incident, the actor resigned from the Academy. He was later banned from all Academy events for 10 years.Jada Pinkett Smith has said her family have been “focusing on deep healing” following her husband’s altercation with Rock.Jada originally shared a post on Instagram seemingly in response to the incident, writing: “This is the season of healing and I’m here for it.”Then, as her show Red Table Talk returned on Wednesday (April 20), a message was displayed on the screen promising to share more information about their family’s “healing” at a later date.The message read: “Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing.
Amy Schumer shares unexpected health update with fans: 'I'm lonely'
Amy Schumer isn't having the most ideal Mother's Day, and she's being as candid as it gets about her feelings.MORE: Amy Schumer shares never-before-seen emotional video from son's 'scary' birth in honor of his birthdayThe star took to Instagram to reveal that she was unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19 just ahead of the holiday, and that she was having to spend her special day alone, isolated from her husband and son.True to her comedic nature, she still tried to make light of the situation, and joked about her newfound raspy voice as a result of being sick.WATCH: Amy opens up about her health issuesMORE: Amy Schumer pens bittersweet farewell to crucial part of her careerShe candidly started off the selfie video she updated fans with by admitting: "I'm lonely."Acknowledging it certainly was not how she expected to spend Mother's Day, she still knew she was doing the right thing, expressing to fans: "Anyway, I'm just lonely and bored, away from my family which is great because they won't get it I hope."However, she quickly turned things around by revealing a hilarious realization about her voice, saying that: "COVID is giving me this incredible Elizabeth Holmes voice, this is what I sound like now that I have COVID," referring to the disgraced Theranos founder with an infamous deep voice.A post shared by @amyschumerAmy's candid health updateGiven her isolation status, she went on to ask fans for television recommendations, joking about having been the star of The Dropout, where Amanda Seyfried portrays the Silicon Valley con.MORE: Amy Schumer makes career decision in wake of 'traumatizing' Will Smith Oscars upsetMORE: Amy Schumer releases statement about Will Smith and Chris Rock: 'So disturbing'She even gave an honest
‘At least you got hit by man of repute’ Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock poke fun at attacks
Hollywood on Thursday, just two days after the former was attacked on stage during his show at The Hollywood Bowl.The pair reportedly joked about the assault, comparing it to the slap Chris received from fellow actor Will Smith back in March on the Oscars stage. According to attendees, Dave, 48, and Chris, 57, discussed the shock assault on stage, much to the amusement of fans. Dave’s appearance at The Comedy Store was apparently a last-minute addition, with audience members having paid £130 each for a ticket to see the “secret show” with an unnamed famous comedian. Ten minutes into Dave’s comedy set, Chris came on stage to join him. At that point, Dave reportedly told Chris in front of the crowd: "At least you got smacked by someone of repute."I got smacked by a homeless guy with leaves in his hair."Rock is said to have laughed before referring to Smith as "soft".Dave apparently also told the audience that he had been calmed down after the attack took place by fellow star Jamie Foxx. He informed the crowd the sight of the comedian and actor wearing "a sheriff's hat" had made him feel more at ease. Dave said he was also embraced by his son after the attack. “A lot of people love me, it turns out,” he told the crowd, according to the Hollywood Reporter.On Tuesday, clips on social media showed Dave being tackled on stage during the Netflix Is A Joke Festival.While Dave was unharmed, the man responsible has since been arrested, charged with assault and taken to hospital for medical treatment.A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said: “The suspect pointed a replica handgun that contained a knife blade at Chappelle.”She stated: “A famous comedian was performing at the Hollywood Bowl and when he finished