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Prince Harry’s friends will watch ‘The Crown’ first to warn him of sensitive material: report
centers around the tragic death of Princess Diana — Harry and William’s beloved mother.With the first four episodes of the final season released Thursday, the storyline will inevitably lead up to Diana’s horror crash that killed her, and her then-boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed, in 1997.An insider told the Telegraph that the Duke of Sussex’s pals “may watch it first in order to save him from anything he may not wish to see.”The Post has reached out to Harry’s reps for comment.A newly-released clip from the new season shows the royals missing Diana’s phone call at Balmoral the day before her untimely death.The new season will also focus on the final conservation Diana had with Harry and William, as well as King Charles, the then-Prince of Wales.And while Harry will be watching the final season, the same can’t be said for William.The Prince of Wales will reportedly refrain from tuning in, after he previously expressed frustration with Season 4 of the Golden Globe-nominated hit, specifically with the depiction of Diana’s BBC Panorama interview.In January, Harry admitted to watching “The Crown” and said he even makes sure to “fact-check” the show about the royal family.Appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Meghan Markle’s husband discussed the controversial drama series when asked if he’s “binged” anything on TV lately.After teasing he has, Colbert asked if “The Crown” was one of the shows, saying he “had to have watched some” of it since it’s based on Harry’s late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.“Yes, I have watched some of ‘The Crown,’” he revealed, before Colbert asked if he’s watched any of the recent episodes.“The older stuff and the more recent stuff,” Harry clarified.The exiled royal was then asked if he did any
Stephen Colbert calls Donald Trump a “fascist” in impassioned speech
Stephen Colbert has made his feelings clear about the prospect of a second Donald Trump presidency, describing the former US leader as a “fascist”.During an impassioned speech on The Late Show, Colbert reminded audiences of the multiple charges currently levelled against Trump, while also asking them to imagine the “horror” of what the country would be like if “this hate-filled dingus” were to be re-elected.“People talk about him a lot, and because people are talking about him, we talk about him – like, say, the 91 charges he’s facing,” Colbert said (via The Guardian). “Which is, technically speaking, a lot of charges.“But as much as all of us talk and think about this numbnut, every so often, it’s really important to, let’s say metaphorically, jam the sharpened stick of knowledge into the soft inner thigh of your mind and just grind it around a little bit to try to reawaken the horror of what our country would be like if this hate-filled dingus and his soulless goons ever got a hold of power again.”“Because, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Donald Trump is a fascist,” he continued.To support his characterization, Colbert noted that the former president had once referred to “vermin” that he wanted to “root out” on the campaign trail.“First, that’s dehumanizing his fellow Americans.