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The Crown 'sparks row over plans to show replica of car from Princess Diana crash'

The Crown are reportedly prepared to be faced with "a row" over their plans to show a replica of the mangled car for the scenes of Princess Diana's death. On August 31 in 1997, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed died as their car crashed at the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris. In pictures obtained by the Daily Mail, the black Mercedes replica shows the front wheel has buckled, with the bonnet crushed and the dashboard hanging out of the front windscreen.The car was believed to be transported in secret under tarpaulin to Paris for filming last year.

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The true meaning behind King Charles and Camilla’s nicknames revealed
Charles Rae spoke to Slingo about their secret monikers, Fred and Gladys, which have been public knowledge for years thanks to Princess Diana’s tell-all book by Andrew Morton.But Rae claimed he knows what inspired the pair’s seemingly random pet names for one another.Rae noted that “Fred” and “Gladys” were names they both used before their 2005 wedding, since Charles, 74, and Camilla, 75, infamously had a relationship dating back to the 1970s — while they were both married to other people.It turns out, Rae revealed, that they pulled the names from “The Goon Show,” a British radio show broadcast between 1951 and 1960.“These are names they used before their marriage and chose them from characters in ‘The Goon Show,’ of which they are both fans,” Rae explained.He also disclosed how the late Princess Diana had once found a bracelet engraved with the initials, F and G, the “pair’s secret nicknames.”This event was even depicted in Season 4 of Netflix’s hit royal drama, “The Crown,” in which a young Diana (Emma Corrin) confronts Charles (Josh O’Connor) just before their 1981 wedding after finding the jewelry — a real-life event noted in Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story.”“[Charles and Camilla] also have other nicknames for each other, including ‘darling’ and ‘mehbooba,'” Rae said.“Camilla has been heard using the nickname ‘mehboob’, which means ‘my beloved’ in Urdu, for Charles on a number of occasions including back in February when she was giving a speech at the British Museum,” he continued.Rae also disclosed the nicknames that Diana had for her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.She had often referred to William, now 40, as “Wombat” when he was a young child.
Olivia Colman, 48, left ‘mortally embarrassed’ over sex scenes with onscreen lover, 25
Radio Times.Olivia admitted: “I was so mortally embarrassed about doing anything like that, but [intimacy coordinator] Ita O’Brien made it easy and fun.”Michael added: “She was making Olivia relax,” as the Oscar-winning actress emphasised: “Which is quite something!”Top Boy star Michael, on the other hand, did not find the experience quite as nerve-wracking thanks to viewing the sex scenes as any other type of situation.He explained: “For me, I was fine, it was cool to explore that.“Working with an intimacy coordinator made everything feel like a dance, or an action scene, rather than a sex scene.”The pair also addressed their intimate scenes during their appearance on The Graham Norton New Year’s Eve Show.Olivia revealed her reaction as her co-star told her she was older than his mum in the middle of a “compromising” moment.She said: “There was one particular moment when I was astride Micheal in a compromising and slightly embarrassing situation, and he said, ‘It’s my mum’s birthday today.’The Crown actress continued: “When he said she was 43, I was like, ‘OK, stop talking!’”Blue Story actor Micheal said it was an “incredible” experience to share the “same space” with Olivia, who won the 2018 Oscar for The Favourite.He added: “If Olivia had been rude I might have thought that’s how I need to be to reach a certain level of success, but the fact she is so lovely showed me I can be a good person and still be successful.”Olivia previously spoke about her biggest challenge when portraying Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown season three after taking over from Claire Foy.Season three tackled some big events in the life of the monarch including the Aberfan disaster, the breakdown of her sister Princess Margaret’s (Helena Bonham