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Robbie Williams can’t avoid ex lovers on TV after admitting he’s bedded over 100 women
Robbie Williams says he has slept with “more than 100” women and cannot watch TV without seeing an old flame ­on-screen.The Angels singer, 48, admits he has lost count of the number of women he has bedded.The former Take That star had a string of high-profile romances at the height of his fame, including with Spice Girl Mel C and All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.READ MORE: Robbie Williams says he's been left with nowhere to live after selling his homesNow Robbie – who also dated Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman – says he cannot watch TV with wife Ayda Field without a former conquest popping up.He said on the couple’s podcast: “Ayda says that every time we turn on the TV there’s a woman I’ve slept with, and it’s true.“Luckily she has a great sense of humour, what happened before we met doesn’t interest her.”When asked how many women he has bedded, he confessed: “I’ve never counted, let’s say more than a hundred.”Robbie and Ayda, 43, started dating in 2006 and have four kids.He added: “I’ve met so many women and none can compare with my wife.”Robbie paid homage to his rocker roots with a new edgy mohawk hairstyle as he attended the AFL Grand Final entertainment line-up at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia on Thursday.The singer, who is set to perform at the show this weekend, also stepped out wearing a pair of £250 Playboy bunny girl loafers by Duke and Dexter.The hitmaker is set to perform the duet Kids with Robbie on the Saturday, which he originally recorded with Kylie Minogue.Speaking at the event Robbie said: “I'm honoured to announce Australia's own, who is the loveliest person, both inside and out, the beautiful and incredibly talented miss Delta Goodrem.“I haven't picked a team for Saturday.
Christine McGuinness promised before split she'd 'never' kick Paddy out no matter what
Top Gear host Paddy, 48, announced this month that they were going their separate ways, but she has since confirmed on Instagram that the pair will "still happily live in [the] family home together".Christine made the vow of loyalty to her beloved husband in her autobiography A Beautiful Nightmare.It had previously been rumoured that she showed Paddy the door after photos circulated of him walking arm in arm with former All Saints star, Nicole Appleton, in 2018.However the star was quick to assure fans that it wasn't the case."There were stories saying I'd kicked him out - I never did or would ever do that," she insisted."No matter how difficult things get, I would never kick my husband out."I wanted my children to have a dad at home."Nevertheless, she struggled with insecurity, admitting to breaking down in tears after her husband left the house on multiple occasions and wishing that he would simply stay at home.As she explained in A Beautiful Nightmare, her work commitments took him away from the home they shared in Cheshire all too often.Yet Christine reiterated in her book that nothing could persuade her to break up the family - her, Paddy, and their three children. "It didn't matter to me if I'd forgiven him, if I was OK with it or if I trusted him," she explained."All of that didn't count, I just wanted my children to have their father there - something I never had."The Real Housewives of Cheshire star had a "difficult" childhood, by her own account.She recalled in her book: "When I was around one, Mum found out my dad was a heroin addict."My mum longed for the relationship to work, but when I crawled over one of his needles as a toddler, she knew it was over."When her parents separated, her mother shielded her