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Coronation Street fans 'sobbing' as Paul tells Gemma and Bernie his devastating news

During Monday's episode of Coronation Street, Gemma Winter lit up the aisle as she married sweetheart Chesney Brown, but the day was overshadowed by some tragic news and an emotional ending.The bride's twin brother Paul Foreman, played by Peter Ash, is dying from motor neurone disease (MND) and previously attempted to start an argument with Gemma in a bid to avoid the wedding and hide his condition. Viewers tuned in to watch the wedding episode, which saw Paul adamant at the start that he couldn't make his sister's wedding, despite being the one to walk her down the aisle.

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Coronation Street fans baffled as they figure out Paul Foreman’s real name
Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman has been a fan favourite since he first appeared on the cobbles back in 2018 as Gemma Winter’s twin brother.From striking up a relationship with vicar Billy Mayhew to a harrowing child abuse plot, actor Peter Ash has brought plenty to love about his iconic character since his introduction as David Platt’s cellmate.But fans have been left baffled after finally realising Paul’s name isn’t Paul at all.READ MORE: Corrie Sunita star's life - Emmerdale actor romance, Boy George link and two lovers ruleA scene in the Bistro with the twins’ mum Bernie had viewers scratching their heads as she struggled to pay for the meal while saving for Joseph’s school uniform.But she ended up referring to Gemma and Paul by their full names – Gemini and Apollo.Which technically means Paul should be shortened to ‘Pol’, for Apollo.Taking to Reddit to share their confusion over the naming blunder, one social media user said: “Suddenly just realised that Paul isn’t ‘Paul’… he’s ‘Pol’ as in ‘Apollo’.”Another chimed in: “Also Bernie is Bernadine, not Bernadette as it usually is!”Another fan, who was clearly clued up in Greek legend, pointed out: “Bernie muddled up her mythology a bit there. Gemini refers to the twins Castor and Pollux, whereas Apollo’s twin sister was Artemis.
Corrie's Nicky Wheatley star talks sweet co-star bond with actor she 'grew up with'
Coronation Street. The Nicky Wheatley star admitted she "grew up with" Peter, who has played vicar Billy Mayhew's ex Paul Foreman since 2018.And now that Nicky has moved in with teacher Daniel Osbourne, the house might be becoming more crowded - but it's definitely a dynamic Kimberly is enjoying.Current members of the household include Paul, Daniel, Nicky, Nicky's daughter Maisie and Daniel's son Bertie - and that's all in one small flat.And as Kimberly teased a heating up of the romance between Nicky and Daniel after his split from Daisy, she's looking forward to more scenes with Peter in particular.Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Kimberly splurged: "So I've actually just done some work with Peter Ash because [Paul] is living in the same house."I’ve worked with Peter Ash for many years in previous history, because we both grew up together in the acting world!"Kimberly and Peter both starred in Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, with Kimberly starring as Davina from 2017 and Peter appearing in 2018 as Ron.She previously told Daily Star that she knew both Abi actress Sally Carman and Peter from appearing at various screen tests for Corrie, explaining: "I've been friends with Sally for years and she's been up for several screen tests as well."We both got told all the time it will happen.