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Fitness influencer shares trick to make booty bigger – without having to train

READ MORE: Superfit gran, 63, shares workout as she brags she couldn't do this in her 40sNow she's revealed her tips to not only increase your bum, but to make your waist look smaller too.She said: "I can use the lighting and even my pose to make my butt the size I want."Contracting your belly and lifting your butt is one of the fundamental tricks to trick a photo."The influencer learned these tricks at the beginning of her fitness routine.She added: "I wanted to fool myself into wanting faster results, but I learned the fitness life is worth more to maintain my health."Michele said the goal is not for people to do tricks for their photos, but to follow a healthy routine to get their dream bod."I want to show you the internet is nothing perfect and the best thing you can do is to take care of your health," she continued.Michele teaches back-to-back poses, as she says your face must be turned to the camera with your muscles contracted.Then she makes sure the camera is positioned in a specific way for the money shot.But Michele states that "social networks are not real, even if people are using photography tricks".She concluded: "To have success in fitness and to build a bigger rounder butt naturally you need to put in the work."You need to stay dedicated, focused and consistent with your workout regimen and healthy eating."On the bright side, there are definitely posing and lighting tricks that can help motivate you along the way!"We must enjoy the process and the fitness journey on good and bad days."Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterREAD NEXT:

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