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King Charles' calm remarks after being hit by eggs revealed by lip reader

King Charles was seemingly unfazed after has told the Mirror earlier today and encouraged others to ignore the incident, a lip reader has revealed. Charles and being pelted with eggs at a royal engagement were being welcomed by city officials after arriving in York when four eggs were thrown at them, all of which missed the royals before they were quickly escorted away.

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Jeremy Clarkson urges Charles to 'weed out nonsense' for coronation as he calls for change
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, says there could be a "nasty surprise" if Buckingham Palace officials don't "read the room" on the Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla next year.The Palace has indicated the ceremony will be "rooted in long standing traditions" but will also "reflect the monarch's role today and look towards the future".With a more low-key ceremony expected, Jeremy has shared why he thinks officials need to be "at the top of their game" when it comes to planning.The presenter began by mentioning that the cost of the Queen's funeral sparked backlash as many pointed out the nationwide financial crisis amid growing bill costs.Charles' coronation will be the first in 70 years following his mother's death aged 96 last month.The late monarch died at Balmoral Castle after being under medical supervision.Strictly's Matt Goss opens up about 'very rare' health conditionWestminster Abbey has witnessed 38 coronation ceremonies of reigning monarchs so far.Traditionally, the most solemn part of the service is when the Archbishop anoints the Sovereign with holy oil on the hands, the breast and the head.Jeremy said the "idiotic" gesture "makes no sense", as he claimed: "This is the bit Charles has to work on."In his column with The Times, he wrote: "This is where Charles needs to start. Weeding out the nonsense and turning what was conceived a thousand years ago as some industrial-strength God-bothering into a bit of a party."We’ve just had the Queen’s funeral, where there was much sombreness and a lot of the baby Jesus, so we won’t be needing any more of either in what will be just a few months’ time."He went on to say: "Usually the Palace’s stuffed shirts are pretty good at reading the room.
How King Charles III is scaling back his coronation: report
crowned sovereign of the United Kingdom, King Charles III will finally get his day in the sun.Following her death last month, Charles, 73, became the new monarch and his own coronation is set for May 6, 2023.The date is also the day that his grandson Archie — the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — will turn 4 years old. Queen Elizabeth was ordained as ruler on June 2, 1953, and her coronation was full of pomp and circumstance.However, Charles’ ceremony is reportedly set to be a scaled back and more modernized celebration.“The king has stripped back a lot of the coronation in recognition that the world has changed in the past 70 years,” a source recently divulged to the Mirror.The three-hour service at Westminster Abbey will be pared down to just 60 minutes.As for guests who earned a coveted spot on the invite list, the amount has been chopped down from 8,000 to 2,000.It is expected that peers will wear formal coronation robes, however, the need for the uniform choices may be modified.Operation Golden Orb, which is the code name for the planning of the coronation, was first speculated to be held on June 3.