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Martin Kahan, acclaimed KISS, Rush and Bon Jovi music video director, has died at 74

KISS, Bon Jovi, Rush and Mötley Crüe – has died at age 74.According to Billboard, Kahan died in Lakewood, New Jersey on Sunday (July 18) following a battle with cancer.The publication shared a brief statement from Kahan’s longtime friend Arthur Levy that read: “In his final years in Lakewood, Kahan never stopped theorising about country music’s gradual downsizing of its promo video output, and how he could work his way back into the fold.”A New York native born in 1947, Kahan cut his teeth working on promotional videos for Canadian rock mainstays Rush, editing live clips for ‘Tom Sawyer’, ‘Freewill’ and ‘Limelight’.

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