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Cannes Review: Emily Watson & Paul Mescal In ‘God’s Creatures’

Early in Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer’s dark and stately God’s Creatures, screening in Directors’ Fortnight here at Cannes, one of the younger women at a wake in an old Irish fishing village declares that her new baby will definitely be learning to swim. The dead man drowned, a professional risk on the surging waters of the west of Ireland. Even now that the fishing industry has given way to oyster beds suspended in chest-deep water, the farmers wear heavy waders and the worst can happen. The other women are startled. Swimming lessons? That’s not how things are done around here.

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Camilla was not the 'villain' in Prince Charles and Diana's marriage, says expert
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was not the “villain” in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage, according to a royal expert.Charles and Camilla’s close relationship has always been a talking point, even during his marriage to Diana.The Prince of Wales first met Camilla at a polo match in Windsor in the late 70s but both went on to marry other people.Camilla was already in a relationship with Andrew Parker-Bowles when they were first introduced, who she eventually married in 1973.Charles would then meet Diana when she was 16 in November 1977, while he was dating her older sister Lady Sarah.Diana’ even spoke about Camilla’s involvement in their marriage during a BBC Panorama interview in 1995.She said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”Expert Britani Barger, Deputy Editor of Royal Central, has defended Camilla and believes the couple would have been together from the start.She claims the Royal Family would not allow them to be together in the early days.Writing for Royal Central, Ms Barger said: “For decades, many have painted the Duchess of Cornwall as a villain cast opposite of Diana’s hero. It is past time for that narrative to stop.“We see her as the other woman, running around with the Prince of Wales while he was married to Diana.“It is important to remember that these two loved each other from the beginning, and it was the Royal Family who would not allow them to be together. For the latest breaking news from the Royal Family and stories from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here . “If they had had it their way, they would have been married to each other from the beginning.“Now, I’m not condoning an
‘Ed-0: Zombie Uprising’ trailer pits 19th-century Japan against zombies
Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been revealed with a brand new trailer, showcasing a “rogue-like action survival title” set in a zombie-ridden 19th-century Japan.Edo-0: Zombie Uprising will launch in Early Access for PC on April 4, 2022.The trailer’s description says the game will be a “rogue-like action survival title”, and a press release from D3 Publisher has shared that it will include “over 10 hours of core gameplay content” at launch.This will include two playable characters, three main quests and main bosses, five sub-quests, and randomly generated dungeons in each playthrough. A third playable character will be added later in the game’s Early Access phase.You can watch the trailer for Ed-0: Zombie Uprising below:As to what the game entails, the press release reveals that Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will include “brutal strategic battles in a rogue-like format” set in a world where Japan has been overrun by zombies.The game’s gory combat seems to revolve around melee battles, with the three classes showcased – Ninja, Sumo Wrestler and Samurai – all kitted to get up-close and personal with the undead hordes.On the roguelike nature of the game, D3 Publisher states that “no dungeon run will be the same, so players’ judgement will be of the utmost importance”.Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will also include a hub base where players can upgrade their characters, with different skills and various items available to pick up from the safe location.