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Breonna Taylor: Justice Department Charges 4 Louisville Police Officers Connected To Her Killing

Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed by police in a raid on an apartment where she was sleeping.The charges against defendants Joshua Jaynes, Kyle Meany, Kelly Goodlett and Brett Hankison include various civil rights violations, conspiracy, use of force offenses and obstruction. Attorney General Merrick Garland said the civil rights offenses stem from three officers' alleged falsification of the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant that authorized the raid — which mistakenly targeted Taylor's apartment.«The federal charges announced today allege that members of the place-based investigations unit falsified the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant of Ms.

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First-ever recording of someone dying shows what our last thoughts may be
scientists were able to see what happened during the 15 minutes before he died and found an increase in brain activity during the 30 seconds before and after his final heartbeat.These waves, known as gamma oscillations, are linked to things like memory retrieval, meditation and dreaming which suggests we could enter a peaceful dreamlike state just before we die.However, experts also believe that it could mean that our best moments play in our minds over and over again during our final minute of life, making the process feel less bleak.Dr Ajmal Zemmar, a neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville, who organised the study, said: "Through generating oscillations involved in memory retrieval, the brain may be playing the last recall of important life events just before we die, similar to the ones reported in near-death experiences."These findings challenge our understanding of when exactly life ends and generate important subsequent questions, such as those related to the timing of organ donation."The study, published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, said: "Our data provide the first evidence from the dying human brain in a non-experimental, real-life acute care clinical setting and advocate that the human brain may possess the capability to generate coordinated activity during the near-death period."This is the first and only case study of the phenomenon and the brain has already been injured due to epilepsy. Although, similar findings have been discovered in the brain of rats.