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Elon Musk Says ‘Prove It’ To Twitter On Bot Account Analysis Controversy

In the latest volley of tweets in the Elon Musk/Twitter purchase saga, the entrepreneur threw down a challenge today: either Twitter provide its method of sampling 100 accounts and how it confirmed that the accounts are real, or the deal is canceled.

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Instagram followers, is known for her body positive posts.And her latest was no different, as Bree emphasised the importance of showing the 'real' her.READ MORE: Woman posts pics taken secs apart to 'prove influencers shouldn't be body goals'The influencer shared two side-by-side pictures of herself dressed in the same brown gym wear.However, on the left-hand side, she had covered up and breathed in to give an immaculate view.This compared to the right-hand side where Bree relaxed her tummy as showed it off in all of its natural glory.She then shared a host of similar pictures in various other lycra ensembles to prove her point.Captioning the post, Bree told her fans that her body image as well as her health and fitness has evolved so much over the years.She told them: "Mine went a little bit like… 2014-2017: feeling sorry for myself, yo-yo dieting, punishing my body, loathing any form of exercise, never leaving the house."2018 priorities: drop dress sizes, get thin, lots of cardio, constantly putting myself down, obsessed with “fixing” my external appearance."2019-2020 priorities: lift weights, eat well, get stronger, push hard, strict routine, stay lean, only wear activewear that makes my muscles pop!!!"2021-2022 priorities: learn to be kinder to myself, lead a flexible & balanced lifestyle, heal my relationship with food, focus on my health & happiness, increase my rest days, move in ways I enjoy, wear activewear that makes me feel supported, comfy and cute, live in the moment, take myself on dates, accept lifestyle & body fluctuations, appreciate what my body does for me, respect myself, take care of my body & mind, be myself & be proud."Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free
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previously showing how models hide stretch marks in their photos.The brunette shared side-by-side photos, as she hid stretch her stretch marks in one snap, while putting them on show in the other.Hayley, who boasts 488,000 followers, was seen in the left-hand photo hiding any imperfections as she took on a posed position while rocking a green underwear set.While in the right-hand picture, she relaxed to let her 'real' body show as she smiled into the lens.Captioning the post, the influencer wrote: "When I was younger I used to really hate my stretch marks, even though they are perfectly natural, normal and a part of being a human, I still always hated them."Whenever I was in a bikini I would always walk with an Anterior Pelvic tilt so my glutes would stick out more and it would ‘smoothen’ the appearance of my stretch marks."But this HURTS! It’s also very bad for your back and posture so I don’t advise it but I soon realised it was the constant need to look ‘perfect’ that I was battling in my head that needed to change, not my body!"Hayley then continued: "I was obsessed with changing my body, making improvements all the time, training, dieting, all day, every day."It was SO DRAINING and EXHAUSTING."So I’m hear you tell you to ignore that inner self critic, ignore that person telling you negative things about your body and say FU to societies ‘Beauty standards’ because I can tell you growing up thinking everyone is perfect and I wasn’t, is a waste of your time, energy and focus."Fans were loving the post at the time, as one told her: "I really needed to read this, thanks a lot."While another exclaimed: "Can relate so much to this!"Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star