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Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots arrested over DUI and domestic violence claims

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo has been arrested over domestic violence and driving under the influence claims.According to a report by TMZ, the rock guitarist was arrested for DUI last month when his wife, Jenn, called the police to inform them that the musician had left the house while intoxicated. Following the call, the local police located DeLeo and arrested him.While he was still in police custody, Jenn reportedly called the police again and claimed that the two had gotten into a physical altercation shortly before he left the house and got into his car.

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Two Librarians Fired Over Rainbow Autism Symbol
Emma & Mommy Talk to God, The Color Purple, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Separate is Never Equal, Wonder, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Of those titles, only The Color Purple contains LGBTQ content.The display had a piece of artwork showing a child in a wheelchair against a background of five colors, along with a quote from poet Maya Angelou reading, “In diversity there is beauty and strength.”The display also contained a multicolored infinity symbol, symbolizing autism awareness, with the slogan, “We all think differently,” reports The Topeka Capital-Journal.A temporary summer employee, Ruth Splitter, believed the autism symbol signified support for LGBTQ Pride, and told Lancaster, during an argument on June 22, she found it offensive.Even after being told it was a neurodiversity and autism logo, Splitter launched into an “anti-LGBT diatribe,” according to the librarians’ lawsuit.That same day, Splitter complained to library board member Michelle Miller in a text about “gay pride.” Miller, the vice chair of the library board, told Splitter she would raise her concerns at the board meeting the following day, allegedly telling her, “We’re not going to have that display up because I will rally the board members to call [Wheeler] to take it down.”Miller then texted Wheeler, saying she had stopped by the library, even though she had not.“I do not want any kind of rainbow display (aside from solely colors focused) especially in this month,” Miller said, referencing the fact that June is celebrated as Pride Month.