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Taylor Swift’s “Style”: A Near-Perfect Pop Gem Revisited

1989 (Taylor’s Version), it’s the perfect time to revisit this chart-topping gem.When “Style” first arrived in 2014 as part of her original 1989 album, it immediately made an impact. The song’s infectious melody, clever lyrics, and Swift’s signature emotive delivery catapulted it toward the top of the charts. It peaked at No.

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Max Martin celebrates 25 years of Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’: “It changed the landscape of pop music”
Max Martin has reflected on how Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’ “changed the landscape of pop music”.After the iconic pop song hit the milestone yesterday (October 23), the producer posted on his Instagram to share the ways in which the track impacted both his and Spears’ careers – as well as the music industry as a whole.Sharing a compilation image of images from the singer’s breakthrough era, Martin began the post by writing: “On October 23, 1998, @britneyspears released her debut single ‘…Baby One More Time’ in the U.S.A, the pop classic that became No 1 in every country where it was released, and that launched Britney’s career as an international pop icon.”He continued, going on to describe the final result as a “masterpiece” and recall how its lyrics, music video and sales led to it marking the beginning of “a new era” in pop.“After exactly 25 years to the day, so much has been said about this masterpiece of a song — the artists who could have recorded it, its controversial lyrics, its iconic music video, the record-breaking sales figures, how much it has changed the landscape of pop music and defined a new era,” he wrote.“Da Vinci painted ‘Mona Lisa’ and Max Martin composed ‘…Baby One More Time’, and I think this is no overstatement to claim that every single second of ‘…Baby One More Time’ is f**king glorious,” he added.