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Child star survivor Jennette McCurdy: Why ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’

I’m Glad My Mom Died.”As the title of the book suggests, McCurdy’s relationship with her mother was complicated. Her mother controlled her every move and career, causing her anxiety and self-loathing as she describes it.The 30-year-old actress revealed she wanted to quit acting when she was young — long before she announced her initial retirement in 2021 — because she never actually enjoyed it. In an excerpt of the book obtained by Entertainment Weekly, McCurdy details one audition that scarred her for life.“I’m sitting in the waiting room mustering up all my sadness when something shifts in me. It feels strange,” McCurdy wrote about an audition in which she was asked to cry on demand.“This has never happened before, but it’s happening now and it’s scaring me.

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