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First fatal Boeing 737 plane crash saw US figure skating wiped out as 73 people killed
crash of a Boeing 737 plane resulted in the United States’ entire figure skating team being tragically killed, along with 55 more people.A total of 73 people died after the plane travelling from New York City to Brussels, Belgium, crashed into the ground 62 years ago to the day (February 15), including a young farmer working on the ground who was killed by a piece of aluminium debris.Only one person was left alive but injured, a Belgian field worker who had part of his leg amputated by flying debris from the crash.READ MORE: Flight just 'five seconds from disaster' after 1,400ft horror plunge towards oceanThe plane bizarrely crashed less than three miles from Brussels Airport, despite being flown by two pilots each with more than 20 years of flight experience, who never reported any problems during the seven-and-a-half hour transatlantic flight.To this day, investigations have not determined an exact cause of the horrific crash.Several possibilities were examined, with the FBI even suspecting terrorism at one point.Authorities eventually agreed that the most likely explanation was a mechanical failure of one of the flight control mechanisms, but there was insufficient evidence to say for certain which mechanism had failed.The US’ figure skating team were travelling to Prague, Czech Republic, via Brussels with family, friends, coaches and officials for the World Figure Skating Championships.Despite several teams already being in Prague when the crash happened, organisers decided to cancel the tournament out of respect for the loss of the US team.Some of the biggest names in figure skating were on the fatal plane, including nine-time US ladies' champion Maribel Vinson-Owen and her two daughters Laurence Owen, 16, and her
Blazing Boeing 747 wheel fired into orbit as it breaks free during take off
catching fire as it disengaged following lift off.Despite missing one wheel, it did not appear to have any effect on the Boeing, which continued its flight away from the landing strip where it left behind one of its tyres.READ MORE: Smiling plane selfie of 'couple' busted at Heathrow for smuggling £2m of cocaineThe tyre disaster, which was captured on video by someone close to the strip, showed the wheel bouncing off and through the sky in a blaze of smoke.Posting the video to Twitter, an aviation tourist account captioned the video: "Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter has one of its tyres on fire and loses its wheel after take off."A rush of black smoke can be seen from the undercarriage of the plane before the wheel shoots off, with a trail of smoke following.It could be seen hitting the ground before bouncing back up and skimming across the ground below the plane.The wheel was subsequently found, a fair distance from where it had first been lost, with its trajectory taking it well beyond the confines of the airport.One user hoping to see the brighter side of the situation said: "On the brighter side, it landed within the airport perimeter."But it turned out that hope was false, with the aviation tourist account that posted the initial video replying with an image of the wheel, which appeared to be in a forest and was covered with leaves.Other users found humour in the plane losing its wheel, with one asking whether the plane "needed that?" as they spotted the wheel careering off into the land beyond the airport.Another user added that they hoped the plane could "land safely when the time comes".For the latest breaking news stories and incredible tales from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.READ NEXT:
Couple narrowly escape death after exploding jumbo jet engine lands on house
exploding jumbo jet engine fell and crashed into their roof.Louis and Domenica Demaret noticed the sound of a plane "flying lower than normal" while at home near Liège, Belgium, on Thursday night (September 8).The pair then heard a loud boom nearby, which Louis thought was a thunderstorm.READ MORE: Young mother 'beheaded in the street' as her terrified children watched horrific attackDomenica told Belgian news outlet RTBF: "At one point, I heard the sound of an airplane, followed by a boom."So I went out, I looked out at the front door, and the alarm started ringing because the house was still vibrating."But Domenica said she didn't see anything when she looked outside and went back into the house, where her grandson had somehow managed to sleep through the noise while in his bed upstairs.Domenica went back to bed, but couldn't sleep that night."I was asking myself all these questions," she said.The next morning, one of their neighbours approached them and asked: "Did you see the wreckage in your garden?"It was then that the Demarets realised part of a jumbo jet engine had smashed into their roof, thankfully only causing a little more bit of damage to the tiles and frame of the couple's garage.It emerged that an Air Atlanta Boeing 747 had set off from nearby Liege Airport and was destined for Malta when part of the engine hood came off, causing the crash.The flight miraculously managed to continue its flight to Malta, where it will be repaired.Christian Delcourt, a spokesperson for the airport, confirmed that the engine had fallen apart shortly after takeoff at around midnight Friday morning.Domenica, shaken by the events, said she was left in tears and trembling when she realised what had happened, describing it as "the
Boeing 737 overshot runway, hit car and exploded after 'pilots ignored vital alarm'
plane disasters occurred when an airline pilot ignored warnings on the on-board alarm system and overran the runway in a fatal crash in Argentina.On August 31, 1999, a Boeing 737-204C craft overran the runway – killing 63 on board and two on the ground.The horror incident took place at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Beunos Aires, Argentina.READ MORE: Giant 9,000-person ship must sell for £900m or it'll be scrapped before first voyageThe specific craft involved was built in 1970 and was due to depart at around 8.54pm local time, but failed to actually get airborne.Just as it was starting its takeover run, the take-off warnings system – better known as TOWS – activated and set off an alarm in the cockpit.The system was telling the pilots that the craft was “not correctly configured” to take off, but the warning was ignored.It later emerged that the flaps on the wings were indeed not in the take-off position, and were actually fully retracted.This stopped the craft from taking off, and it ended up overshooting the runway, breaking the fence surrounding the airport, crossing a road and hitting a car.It finally stopped when it hit some construction machinery nearby.Sadly, a fuel spillage as a result of the crash started to happen, which hit the hot engines.Gas was also leaking from an internal system, and the entire craft was destroyed in the ensuing blast.But before the explosion, 37 people managed to escape out of the 100 on-board – five of whom were crew.In the investigation after the horror scene, it became clear that the pilot did not have a license – which the airline Lineas Aereas Privadas Argentinas knew about.A report into the incident stated: “In its final run after failing to take off, the aircraft hit a Chrysler Neon