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‘I’m Loud, I Know How to Organize’: How Women Became the Backbone of the WGA’s Strike Captain Network

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Cynthia Littleton Business Editor Some did it out of a sense of obligation. Some did it out of fear of being idle. Some leaned on maternal instinct, and some acted purely out of anger.

Whatever the motivation, female writers and showrunners stepped up in record numbers to serve as strike captains during the Writers Guild of America’s five-month contract battle. “Why did this strike look different?

The people at the forefront of it really have been a lot of marginalized writers — writers of color, women and queer writers,” says Caroline Renard, an early career writer-director who was a Disney-based strike captain.

She came to the role with plenty of relevant experience as an activist and organizer. “I’m loud. I know how to talk, and I know how to organize,” she says.

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