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Rangers suffer penalty heartbreak as Eintracht Frankfurt win Europa League

Rangers suffered Europa League heartbreak on Wednesday night as Giovanni van Bronckhorst's side lost 5-4 to Eintracht Frankfurt on penalties in the competition's final.Over 100,000 Gers fans descended on Seville to cheer on their side who were competing in a European showpiece for the first time in 14 years. However, the Bears' Europa League adventure was ended at the final hurdle as a penalty shootout triumph saw Frankfurt claim the title and secure their spot in next season's Champions League.Joe Aribo gave the Gers a stunning second-half lead after capitalising on Tuta's unfortunate slip before Rafael Borre levelled for Frankfurt to send the final into extra-time.

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BBC Doctors Heather Craney's forgotten soap roles - EastEnders Ian's ex to 3 Holby jobs
Doctors as Sian Corcoran - but eagle eyed viewers may have spotted that it is not the first time she has appeared in the BBC soap.Infact, Heather Craney has had many forgotton soap roles throughout the years - and Daily Star has taken a look at where you might recognise the actress from.Along with appearing in Line Of Duty as DCI Alice Prior and Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood as Emily Holroyd, Heather has appeared in Doctors no less than five times since 2011.Over a decade ago she made her first appearance as Debs Barraclough in the soap, before returning two years later in 2013 as Nikki Cranson.She later played Flo Cobb in 2016 and Viv Pierce in 2019, before making her recent return to the popular BBC soap earlier this year.However, her most famous soap role was as a potential love interest for Ian Beale in EastEnders, where she played Cheryl Matthews for six episodes in 2011.She helped find a place for Ian's son Bobby at a playgroup, and after mistakenly thinking that Ian's wife Jane Beale was dead, Ian went along with her mistake.Cheryl later kissed Ian on the cheek and offered to spend the night with him, but nearly found out the truth about Jane from Mo Harris in the square the next day.Before the truth could be revealed, Cheryl visited Ian, but he pretended to be ill as he had met another woman called Rebecca - putting an end to their short lived romance.During this time Heather also appeared in over six episodes of popular BBC drama Holby City, before it came to an end in 2022.As well as playing Melissa Finch, Amy Bonner and Judie Richards between 2005-2016, she also had a recurring role as Lucy Weir for three episodes, opposite other huge soap stars including Patsy Kensit.Along with The Bill, Vera Drake and Silent
TalkTV star Piers Morgan in hysterics as fan points out 'identical' lookalike snap
Piers Morgan has been branded a “time traveller” after an eagle eyed fan thought they spotted him in a throwback picture.The 57-year-old’s doppelgänger was in an old black and white picture which was part of a miner’s memorabilia poster.The close up showed his distinctive nose and facial features, which amazed Twitter users and Piers himself.A fan tweeted the picture to the controversial presenter: “Didn’t realise Piers Morgan worked down the mines in Cannock,” and signed off with two eye emojis.Piers then quote tweeted the pictures with two laughing face emojis.One follower replied and said that the lookalike could be “him or Rick Astley” while another cheekily asked if he could “be returned there”.An observant fan said that it could also be “Oliver Hardy” while another called the reference “brilliant” and that they could “definitely be relatives”.Piers Morgan has been very outspoken about the current abortion crisis in America and has tweeted out about the situation.The brazen journalist is no stranger to sharing his thoughts on a wide range of topics and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.He recently shared a video of Anne Robinson posted by BBC’s Woman’s Hour, in which she spoke to presenter Emma Barnett about abortion.The Countdown host told Emma that she’d had “an abortion in her twenties”Anne told the presenter that if she’d “had her time again” then she wouldn’t have done it, and when questioned further she said that “she’d still want the right to do it” but “thinks that life is too precious”.She emphasised that it was “her opinion” and that is “what she would do” but “certainly wouldn’t deny anyone else the opportunity”.Emma went on to say that during Anne’s twenties was when abortion had been legalised and
Premier League winner looks completely unrecognisable from Man Utd heyday 19 years ago
Manchester United star looks completely unrecognisable from when he burst onto the scene at Old Trafford 19 years ago, when he was sharing the dressing room with Cristiano Ronaldo.Chris Eagles came through the United academy and into the first team when he was just 17, although he had Ronaldo to contest with as both stars battled it out in 2003.The slick gelled-up hair and the baby face that Eagles was known for is now gone as the former Premier League winner is sporting a well-groomed beard as he enjoys retirement.But he's having to enjoy it on two wheels as his driving ban means he is left unable to drive following a drunken incident last year.Eagles won owns a Premier League and Champions League medal from his time at United, but the former winger has landed himself in trouble with the police after hanging up his boots at Oldham in 2020.The former United star was caught outside his ex-girlfriend's house three times over the limit, and was also 'partially in a state of undress' in his £70,000 Audi.Along with a driving ban, he was ordered to pay a total of £1525 in fines and costs, and has since been snapped heading out on his bicycle.And it seems as though Eagles has a record with driving incidents, as he was caught behind the wheel by Sir Alex Ferguson even though he was only 15.Eagles opened up about the situation in an interview with Ladbrokes, as he said: "I drove a car somewhere when I was 15 and Sir Alex found out about it and called me in his office. I was petrified."It’s the worst experience ever because you don’t know what he’s going to do.
Luxurious £5million mega mansion on its own island has one flaw putting off buyers
mansion located on its very own island has been mocked online after people pointed out one off-putting flaw.The 2.3 acre property on Bald Eagle Lake in Saint Paul, Minnesota has been put on the market for $6.6million (£4,926,000) and has been shared across social media in recent days.Despite having five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, its own hovercraft and six garages, many have said the placing of two obstructive poles in the middle of the kitchen table means they wouldn't want to own it. The two poles are positioned asymmetrically on the white table and take up the space of an entire chair, potentially blocking people sitting together from seeing each other fully.One unimpressed Instagram user pointed out the "posts going through the kitchen table", accompanied by an emoji of a man facepalming.Another joked "the columns in that table aren’t getting enough hate", with someone similarly quipping "it's the two posts through the dining room table for $6.6 mil that does it for me".Responding to a post that asked who would want to live in the 'dream home', one person wrote: "I can't w[ith] the table and columns in the kitchen."An online listing from estate agent Landucci Homes however would make out that this a far more desired property than the comments suggest, with one part reading: "One of the most sought after Trophy properties in the Twin Cities, this home offers an experience like none other.
Vladimir Putin took Super Bowl ring after chilling comment to Patriots owner
Vladimir Putin took one of his Super Bowl rings without permission - having made a chilling statement before hand.Kraft met the Russian president back in 2005 after the Patriots had beaten the Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl XXXIX, their third Super Bowl victory across just three years.Although he has gone on to receive another three championship rings, Kraft wasn't initially keen on losing one of his first three - following some confusion during a meeting with Putin.However Kraft later revealed that he was pleased for his ring to be in the possession of Putin, despite it having both sentimental and monetary value.Appearing the series 50 Rings, 50 Days, Kraft said in 2013: "I took out the ring and showed it to [Putin], and he put it on and he goes, 'I can kill someone with this ring'."I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out."Despite wanting the ring back, Kraft claims that he was advised by White House staff not to risking causing World War III over a piece of jewellery.Should football bring in Super Bowl style rings? Give us your thoughts in the comments sectionHe continued: "It would really be in the best interest of US-Soviet relations if you meant to give the ring as a present."I really didn't [want to]. I had an emotional tie to the ring, it has my name on it.