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Taylor Swift Drops Four New Songs Ahead of Tour Opening

Among the tracks are three re-recordings, including a pair of cuts she wrote and recorded specifically for the The Hunger Games soundtrack, which was released more than a decade ago.The two tunes are “Eyes Open” and “Safe & Sound,” which credits musicians Joy Williams and John Paul White as featured acts. At the time the song was originally made available, those two were in a duo known as The Civil Wars, though now they work independently.Also included in Swift’s offering is a new version of “If This Was a Movie.” That tune was originally released as a track on the deluxe edition of Swift’s third album Speak Now.But perhaps the biggest surprise for Swifties is the final song on the list, “All of the Girls You Loved Before,” which has never been heard before.The cover used on YouTube is from her album Lover, so it appears the cut was written and recorded around that time.

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Taylor Swift responds to copyright claim over Lover book similarities
Taylor Swift has hit back at a lawsuit filed by writer Teresa La Dart over similarities between a book of poetry written by the latter and a publication that accompanied the deluxe version of the former’s 2019 ‘Lover’ album. The lawsuit is, says Team Swift, “legally and factually baseless”.La Dart sued last year accusing Swift of ripping off various creative elements of her 2010 poetry book, which was also called ‘Lover’.The lawsuit claimed that the earlier ‘Lover’ poetry book and the later ‘Lover’ album book had “a substantially similar cover format”, “substantially the same introduction page formats with a similarly styled ‘Lover’ title”, “a substantially similar inner book design” and “a substantially similar colour scheme (pastel pinks and blues)”.“Stylistically”, La Dart’s lawsuit concluded, “the Swift ‘Lover’ book includes creative elements that are not typical of or present within other published books and – as compared with the La Dart work – leaves an overall impression that the Swift ‘Lover’ book is, again, substantially similar in terms of the above-noted design elements as those within the La Dart work”.That was all well and good, but are any of the creative elements shared by the two ‘Lover’ books actually protected by copyright? No, says Swift’s formal response.