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Gary Lineker got 'absolutely smashed' with new manager at Everton after tribunal hearing
Gary Lineker has opened up about how one of his angriest moments quickly turned into a boozy night out with his new manager at Everton.The former England striker was renowned for keeping his cool on the pitch, having famously never received a yellow card during his 16-year career.But, in an appearance on the BBC’s Tony Bellew is Angry podcast, the Match of the Day presenter lifted the lid on some of his more difficult moments, admitting that he does get “a bit irate” about politics, and also reflecting on his son George’s battle with Leukemia.And, towards the end of the episode, Gary was asked to share one of his “angriest” moments, when he remembered the time he had left Leicester to join Everton in 1985, before scoring 40 goals with the side the next season.The poacher described how he had waited until the end of his contract at his boyhood club before leaving. And, in the days before the Bosman ruling – which enabled players to join another club without a fee being paid at the end of their contract – this meant that Everton and Leicester had to go to a tribunal to settle an amount to be paid.“The two clubs couldn’t agree, I think Leicester wanted £1.1 million and Everton only wanted to pay £500,000,” he recalled.So, Gary explained how the two sides had made their case for the striker, remembering: “The Leicester manager gets up and goes, ‘we’re losing a player that's going to score loads of goals for England, he’s going to be a world-class international footballer, it’s a massive load.”Having heard this praise, Gary said he started to become angry when Howard Kendall, his soon-to-be manager at Everton appeared downbeat about the forward’s potential.“He goes, ‘we’re taking a massive chance on this kid.