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‘We Are One’: Uplifting Documentary ‘Who I Am Not’ Offers Painful, Hopeful, Heartfelt Celebration of Intersex Life in a Binary World

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Christopher Vourlias For the millions of people who have sexual characteristics that don’t neatly fit into the typical definitions of male or female, life is a constant struggle against misconceptions, biases and cultural norms that, from the moment of birth, attempt to fit us into the box that defines our sex — and, often, how we’ll be perceived for the rest of our lives.

To explore that conflict, veteran Romanian actor Tünde Skovrán — making her directorial debut — traveled to South Africa to follow two intersex people with parallel but divergent lives: Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a beauty queen who suffers an identity crisis after finding out she’s intersex, and Dimakatso Sebidi, a male-presenting intersex activist who is in many ways Khumalo’s polar opposite.

The result is an intimate, emotional portrait of intersex people living in a binary world, a reality that according to some estimates is experienced by up to 2% of the world’s population. “Who I Am Not” world premieres March 5 at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.

Written and directed by Skovrán, the film is produced by Andrei Zincă and co-produced by Paul Cadieux and Patrick Hamm. Executive producers are Patricia Arquette, M.J.

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