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Olivia Rodrigo and Noah Kahan announce joint Record Store Day 2024 release with covers of each other

Olivia Rodrigo and Noah Kahan have announced a joint Record Store Day 2024 release that features covers of each others tracks.The two singers have teamed up on a limited-edition special live recording 7″ vinyl pressing titled ‘Olivia Rodrigo ‘Stick Season’/Noah Kahan ‘Lacy’ – FROM THE BBC RADIO 1 LIVE LOUNGE’ is set for release on April 20 via Geffen/Mercury/Republic. It will be available at participating independent record stores as part of the celebration of Record Store Day.‌The coloured vinyl features Rodrigo’s viral cover of Kahan’s hit track ‘Stick Season’ on side A along with Kahan’s cover of Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ track ‘Lacy’ on side B which were both part of BBC Radio 1‘s Live Lounge.

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Award-winning cellist who performed at Prince Harry’s wedding calls for Proms to ban ‘Rule Britannia’ as “it makes people uncomfortable”
perform just an instrumental version of ‘Rule Britannia’ at the Last Night Of The Proms after criticism over historic links with colonialism and slavery.A survey shortly after revealed that 55 per cent of people opposed the decision, and the song ended up being performed in its original version.Now, lauded cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason – who performed at Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle and was in 2016 the first black person to win the BBC Young Musician award – has shared his hope for the song to be banned at the Proms moving forwards.In an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Kanneh-Mason said that there was “so much wonderful music” that could be performed instead of ‘Rule Britannia’.“I think maybe some people don’t realise how uncomfortable a song like that can make a lot of people feel, even if it makes [the people singing it] feel good,” he said.“There is so much wonderful British music. The wealth of folk music from this country is astonishing,” he added.“There is so much that is worth celebrating and having as part of a big celebration at the end of a wonderful music festival.”In response, a BBC spokesperson said: “The Proms are built on longstanding traditions that were established by co-founder Sir Henry Wood, and which are loved by people around the world.“One of these traditions is the last night festivities.
Zoe Ball reveals she has been diagnosed with ADHD
The Mirror: “I make myself laugh sometimes, because if I’m in a small space and I’ve got loads of tasks to do, I can cover so many miles.“My family, they laugh because they’ll find things of mine in certain places and they’re like, ‘If you follow this, you’ll see what Mum was trying to achieve’.”Ball added: “I have 18 pairs of glasses and I will still lose all of them… my brain is just all over the goddamn shop.”Ball said she particularly felt the effects of ADHD, which can make those with the condition seem restless, have trouble concentrating and may act on impulse, while filming the forthcoming ‘New Year Treat’ episode of Taskmaster, which airs on January 2.She said: “So a particular task involved a bit of timing, which is maths, which is, again, not a strength, I physically started to melt down. That did hurt my head.”Alongside London rapper Kojey Radical and Ball, the line-up for the episode will also include Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden, wildlife expert Steve Backshall and comic actor Lenny Rush, known for BBC shows Am I Being Unreasonable? and Dodger.Earlier this year, Lily Allen also revealed that she had been diagnosed with ADHD.Allen confirmed her diagnosis in an interview with The Times, revealing that she had been diagnosed while living in the USA, where she has resided since 2020.“It sort of runs in my family.
Lily Allen calls out Russell Brand’s “horrendous” rape jokes on ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’
Lily Allen has criticised Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross for making rape jokes about her while she was on the Channel 4 panel show The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year.The singer, who in recent years has pursed acting, said in a new interview that although she didn’t take offence at the time she now realises how “horrendous” they were.Her comments come in the wake of Brand being accused by multiple women of sexual assault and in some cases emotional abuse.Brand has denied the majority of the accusations levelled against him to date, however, he has not publicly responded to more recent ones including allegedly sexually assaulting an extra on the set of his 2010 film Arthur.A clip of the moment the rape jokes were made during a 2007 episode of the series went viral on X (formerly Twitter) after rape allegations surfaced against Brand in September.In the episode in question, Ross moved Allen, whom he calls “the only sexually attractive young lady” on the show, away from panellists Brand and Fielding, stating: “And then Lily may go home with her dress still on.”Fielding then replied: “How dare you – we’re not rapists.”Host Carr then quizzed Fielding about why he was wearing a cape “if [he] wasn’t a rapist” before Fielding pointed out that the cape he’s wearing is, in fact, a Jack the Ripper cape.Fielding said: “He wasn’t a rapist, he was a…”, before Brand interjected to say: “Serial murderer”.Brand continued: “There is no direct corollary between rapes and capes, it’s just a rhyme.”Allen has now spoken to Grazia UK about the incident.“[There was a clip] where I was on a chat show with Russell Brand and Noel Fielding and Jonathan Ross. And there are comments, I think, about me being raped or something.