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Football fans are challenged to solve this tricky puzzle in under 30 seconds

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As Scotland head to their second consecutive European Championship this summer, puzzle experts have shared a new brainteaser dedicated to the tournament.Scotland will play hosts Germany in the opening match of the tournament as millions of people tune into the sports event of the summer in 2024.

To celebrate this, the experts at Betway have put together a brainteaser to test the minds of football fans. In this puzzle, readers are challenged to find the referee's whistle in a sea of footballers holding balls in a limited period of time.

You are given just 30 seconds to solve this brainteaser - and if you do so, you clearly have a talented mind.Give the puzzle a go below:While this puzzle is super cool to look at, it is a pretty difficult one to solve.

Try to look at each footballer individually and look for the whistle that is hiding among them - we promise it is in there somewhere!Need a hint?

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