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Love Island: Meet all the girls heading into the villa as Casa Amor kicks off

Love Island have revealed the six stunning bombshell ladies entering the original villa during Casa Amor this year, as Sunday night's instalment looks set to be a big one on ITV2.There's a ring girl, a graphic designer, a famous DJ & MC's daughter, and even a cabin crew member, as the blondes and brunettes get ready to flirt up a storm with the unsuspecting boys. Viewers are yet to be shown the moment the likes of Luca Bish, 23, Davide Sanclimenti, 27, and Andrew Le Page, 27, realise their ladies have disappeared on a girls holiday to the house of love. In a sneaky move by producers, the ladies were whisked away under the ruse that they were heading on a girls night out complete with cocktails and fun gossip.

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Love Island turns frosty as fans spot 'awkward' moment between Paige and Ekin-Su
Love Island fans are more than convinced that Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Paige Thorne have locked horns after noticing tension between the pair this week.On Thursday's episode, fans bombarded Twitter to highlight the secret feud after they'd spotted "awkwardness" between the two ITV stars.The platform blew up with comments moments after Ekin-Su had returned from her date with Italian hunk Davide Sanclimenti.READ NEXT: Ronan Keating was 's***ing' himself ahead of son going into Love Island's Casa AmorDuring their romantic and private time away from the villa, the Turkish beauty attempted to prove to her beau that she was trustworthy again - after she'd snogged Jay Younger secretly on terrace previously.Happy that things between her and Davide seemed to be progressing in the right direction, she skipped back to the villa to update the eager girls.As the clan gathered at the fire pit to hear all about their date, there seemed to be one member of the group who appeared to be disinterested in what Ekin-Su had to say.When the camera landed on Welsh-lass Paige, she didn't exactly look best pleased with Ekin-Su's return - and eagle-eyed fans picked up on her attitude.One comment read: "Paige’s face and the slow clapping at Ekin-Su talking about her date the girl is just bad baaaad vibes."A second tweet read: "Wow Paige really doesn’t like ekin-su look at the way she was clapping and the look on her face, bad vibesWhile a third echoed: "Did anyone else notice Paige pulling faces just now after Ekin-Su spoke about the date and the girls were clapping?"The slow clapping from her and the face she pulled #LoveIsland"It isn't the first time that Ekin-Su has clashed with some of the girls in the villa - after she was accused of being
Love Island star Antigoni Buxton's famous mum breaks silence after double exit
Love Island villa, and she’s already landed back in the UK.The 26-year-old singer certainly turned the villa upside down after she coupled up with Italian hunk Davide Sanclimenti, but their romance was short lived after the str found herself in the bottom three.During Friday night’s instalment of the popular ITV2 dating show, the public voted Danica Taylor, Tasha Ghouri and the blonde bombshell to be the least compatible with their chosen partners. READ MORE:Shaughna Pillips hopes Gemma's 'head will turn' in Casa Amor to 'humble' LucaBut viewers were left speechless after the boys decided to axe the blonde bombshell from the show, with hundreds flooding to Twitter to slam them online arguing how they dumped the wrong girl from the show.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE.Now, the star’s loving mother has revealed the Greek goddess has already landed back in England and will be making her way to a gay pride festival over the weekend.The professional chef shared the good news with Angtigoni’s loyal legion of fans online, writing: “She’s coming to Pride tomorrow!”She added: “My girl is out, she’s out of Love Island and I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to see her.“I’m going to pick her up today, she’s so proud, she’s been wonderful.
Love Island trailer sees Casa Amor sizzling bombshells arrive as loyalties are tested
Love Island has teased the return of steamy Casa Amor antics with its latest trailer.At the end of Friday night's episode (July 1), a teaser for Sunday night's show teased what happened after the female Islanders debunked to the Casa Amor villa.Joined by Casa Amor bombshells including Ronan Keating's son Jack Keating and Gemma Owen's pal Billy Brown, the girls will face temptation in the brand new villa.READ MORE: Love Island's Casa Amor sneak-peek - luxury terrace, infinity pool and intimate roomsThe male Islanders loyalties will also be tested as six new female bombshells were teased in a brief clip.The 15-second clip sees the female bombshells descend on the original villa in their heels and swimwear.They seem to be in a party mood as they raise their hands in the air ahead of their big entrance.In a voiceover clip, Iain Stirling teased: "On Sunday night, please welcome the new girls."With six new single female Islanders heading for the boys in the main villa, will anyone's head be turned?The return of Casa Amor followed Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge being dumped from the show.The former bombshells were sent home by their fellow Islanders after landing in the bottom three least compatible couples alongside Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page as well as Danica Taylor and Jay Younger.Friday night's episode also saw Tasha break down in tears after her and Andrew found themselves at the bottom of a public vote yet again.On Twitter, Love Island fans shared their confusion about Tasha's tantrums after the dancer claimed she 'didn't show emotion'.Elsewhere, Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu could be seen growing closer.The pair shared a steamy pool moment after respectively making each other coffee and pancakes
Two Love Island stars booted off show by co-stars after public vote
Love Island stars Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge have been dumped from the villa.The bombshells were voted off the ITV2 dating show by their fellow Islanders during Friday night's episode (July 1).Their dumping followed a public vote which placed them in the bottom two couples alongside Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page as well as Danica Taylor and Jay Younger.READ MORE: Love Island's Casa Amor sneak-peek - luxury terrace, infinity pool and intimate roomsAntigoni entered the villa and was chosen by Davide Sanclimenti to couple up.Having failed to find a romantic connection with Davide, her hopes of pursuing a romantic connection with Jay were dashed by Danica - who opted to re-couple with Jay earlier in the week.Charlie entered the villa with hopes of pursuing a relationship with either Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu or Tasha.After receiving initial interest from Tasha, Charlie opted to couple up with Ekin-Su but was not chosen by her in the show's most recent recoupling.They are respectively the most recent bombshells to enter the show.Following her exit, Antigoni said: "I'm sad because I was having so much fun and I feel like the right guy didn't come in for me but you know, there's lot of guys on the outside."My Love Island experience has been so fun, intense, emotional and quick."Charlie added: "It would have been good if there was some other girls in there that I would have got along with better. "It's been great though.
Love Island's Ekin-Su 'could steal £50k prize' if she reaches final says show stars
Love Island if her and current partner Davide Sanclimenti make it to the final.That's the belief of former Islanders Liberty Poole and Kaz Kemwi after a dramatic recoupling on Thursday evening saw the pair, who seemed to be doomed after a massive fallout, get back together.The duo are growing in popularity with viewers, who want them to admit their true feelings for one another.Those thoughts were echoed on the official Love Island: The Morning After podcast, with hosts Kem Cetinay (who won the 2017 series) and Arielle Free joined by best pals Lib and Kaz.READ NEXT:Love Island fans flabbergasted as they spot 'two Damis' on screen in continuity errorBut the quartet also put forward an interesting proposition if the couple continue to stick together.The top prize for Love Island is a cool £50,000, with the winning Islanders having to choose whether to split the cash between them or take it all for themselves.Every series so far has seen the lovers split the cash - but that might not happen this year if Ekin-Su and Davide get there.Calling them "friends to enemies to friends with benefits", Kem said: "It's so toxic but it's so exciting. It's like thye hate each other but they love each other."Friends with benefits doesn't normally work but sometimes you end up liking each other and it becomes a relationship.
Love Island's Ekin-Su in high demand as teaser trailer promises explosive recoupling
Love Island.During the teaser of what's to come on tomorrow's show (June 29) Ekin-Su received a text which explained that there will be a recoupling and the girls will get to choose who they want to partner with.Ekin-Su is currently with new bombshell Charlie Radnedge but she seems to have found an interest once again in Davide Sanclimenti- who she was previously coupled up with.READ MORE: Love Island's Antigoni Buxton poses in teeny white bikini with famous model sisterAs another explosive episode awaits, fans took to social media site, Twitter to share their thoughts on the upcoming episode.One person tweeted: "I’m happy tomorrow is Ekin Su day cause the boys are gonna graft."Another shared: "But what if Davide and Ekin couple up and we love it and they sell us the dream and they win and then Davide steals the money Sarah from Golden Balls style."A third penned: "I don’t want Ekin-Su to pick Charlie he’s so dry compared to Davide."While a fourth said: "I don’t want Ekin-Su to pick Charlie he’s so dry compared to Davide."But Ekin-Su and Davide are not the only two islanders who will feel the pressure during the recoupling.Jay Younger, who was previously with Ekin-Su but decided to partner with Paige Thorne has come to the realisation that nothing romantic will come from their relationship after Paige admitted that she had a better connection with Jacques O'Neill.But will Jay decide to graft Ekin-Su now that his relationship with Paige is non-existent?Elsewhere, dancer Danica Taylor, who has had a fairly rough time with finding her man in the villa, may find it difficult to choose someone that she has no interest in.New girl Antigoni Buxton will also have a rather complex choice to make too if Ekin-Su decides to steal
Love Island fans concerned as Danica goes 'missing' from villa after Davide snub
Love Island fans seem to be experiencing an increasing level of concern for Danica Taylor due to her minimal appearance during the latest episode.Danica hasn't had a smooth ride since she entered the villa of love and when she first partnered with fishmonger Luca Bish but fans have noticed that she's been missing in action as of late.As spectators hardly saw the professional dancer on their screens on Monday night's programme, viewers shared their thoughts on the vanished islander.READ MORE: Love Island's Gemma calls out Ekin-Su's 'd***head move' in row leaving fans gobsmackedTaking to Twitter, one person wrote: "WHERE'S DANICA??? I NEED MY UNPROBLEMATIC QUEEN TO HAVE MORE SCREEM TIME!! I don't have time for all these messy humans."Another said: "I haven’t seen Danica for a couple of shows now! Where is she?" A third chimed: "Another day and we still can’t find Danica." Meanwhile a fourth viewer joked: "They are giving Danica one line per episode like she's Tracey in EastEnders."Last week, Danica thought her bad luck was about to change when Davide Sanclimenti kissed her unexpectedly.Feeling excited, Danica told the girls in the villa that she was excited with what was next to come for herself and Davide.However things quickly changed for the 21 year old when Davide decided to recouple with new bombshell Antigoni Buxton instead of her.Clearly taken aback by his decision, Danica had no other choice but to partner up with Jacques O' Neill who was previously with Paige Thorne.Seeing Danica's misfortune at the time, fans shared their thoughts on her journey online.One person tweeted: "So Danica didn't get a warm welcome from the girls, got thrown straight in the deep end with the recoupling, has had Luca be a d**k to her at
Unusual Love Island habits spotted by ITV viewers - from socks in bed to eating raw eggs
Love Island is finally in full swing and fans seem to be loving the nightly action presented on screen.With the constant bed-hopping between contestants and the unexpected evictions, viewers have had plenty to get their teeth stuck into in the last few weeks or so.But although there is a lot going on, eagle-eyed viewers can't help but notice some unusual habits that are often displayed or spoken of amongst the islanders.READ MORE: Love Island's Remi says Jacques 'ruined' his experience in unseen villa conflictHopping onto Twitter, social media users can't wait to call out what they've spotted in the villa that some may fail to see.Now that some islanders' unusual practices seem to be taking centre stage, Daily Star has taken a look at some of the contestants unfamiliar habits.Former Islander Ikenna Ekwonna became notorious for leaving the fridge door open and fans couldn't help but call him out on it.Viewers were in disbelief when Ikenna went to the fridge but failed to close it behind him once he had finished using it.Heading straight to Twitter, eagle-eyed viewers were clearly distracted by pharmaceutical salesman's action and yelled at him to close the door.One person wrote: "Catching up on #LoveIsland with partner…Ikenna leaves the fridge wide open & both of us are like 'what is he doing? Close the fridge door!! Why can’t he just close the fridge door?'"Meanwhile another fan echoed: "Ikenna, close the damn fridge!! Has nobody told this boy about the cost of living increase?!"Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERELove Island fans became distracted once again by Davide Sanclimenti's odd habit of speaking in third person.The Italian stallion seems to have