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Savvy mum's spider and fruit fly banishing trick during mating season

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It's the time of year to see spiders scurrying across walls and floors as they dash across your home looking for a mate.Spider mating season is here and creepy crawlies suddenly appearing out of nowhere can cause a huge fright.

However, one Australian mum has recommended some simple DIY tips to prevent spiders from invading your home. Chantel Mila, also known as Mama Mila, swears by a spray she says repels spiders and fruit flies - another notorious pest this time of year - and it doesn't involve any dangerous chemicals.Mila took to Instagram to share her tips with her two million followers.

In the video, the mum of two explains her three top tricks, the first being her DIY spider repellent spray.As reported by the Mirror, she uses rosemary, water and orange oil to keep her home free of spiders, fruit flies, and crawling bugs.The first tip just involves fresh rosemary and water. "Mix a cup of water with sprigs of rosemary.

Spray on windows and doors - spiders hate the smell of rosemary, so it repels them from entering your home," she said.Mila's next simple tip works to banish fruit flies from multiplying in the home.

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