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'Quite distinct' - What experts say about Man City financial hearing ahead of 115 charges

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Manchester City are taking on the Premier League for the next two weeks as their private arbitration gets underway. It has been a week since The Times reported details of a leaked legal argument from the Blues as they seek to overturn something related to Associated Party Transaction rules, and the story has prompted all manner of reactions.

Even experts in the field are divided as to what it means both for the case itself and for the bigger picture. The Manchester Evening News has had comment from several experts on what they think is going on.

And here is a snapshot of what several other professionals have had to say about different aspects of the case. ALSO READ: Man City have seen fundamental difference with rivals exposed by leak ALSO READ: Kevin De Bruyne dilemma and chairman's warning - Man City transfer state of play Football finance expert Kieran Maguire on BBC Sounds - City feel rules aren't thought through and want to protect their advantage "City feel the new rules are being introduced part-way during a season so haven't properly been costed out by the Premier League in terms of time or impact or unintended consequences.

They feel that they as a club are being targeted by a lobbying group of other clubs. City are probably the only Premier League club I'm aware of that have consistently said they want the independent football regulator because clearly they don't like the direction of travel coming from the Premier League. "They want to protect their ability to be the most successful commercial organisation in the Premier League.

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