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SNL's Current Female Stars React to Viral TikTok Saying the Show Never Hires Hot Women

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Sarah Sherman and Chloe Troast, two of Saturday Night Live‘s current female stars, are reacting to a viral TikTok video that claimed the show never hires hot women.

TikTok user @Jahelis sparked controversy when she uploaded a video in which she questioned the looks of SNL stars. “Am I the only person who’s ever noticed that SNL has never hired a, like, hot woman?” she asked, adding that she’s “not saying that every single woman on SNL is ugly, it’s just that none of them have ever been, like, hot.

They all just kind of have looks that eventually grow on you.” Sarah and Chloe are two of the newer stars of SNL and they’ve both reacted to the video. Keep reading to find out more… Sarah wrote on Twitter, “just found out i’m not hot.

please give me and my family space to grieve privately and uglily at this time.” Chloe made a TikTok stitch with the video in which she looked into the camera and sang Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful.” One of SNL‘s other female stars just shared a sad personal life update.

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