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The 13 greatest horror scream queens of all time

Earned her crown in “Scream,” “Scream 2,” “Scream 3,” “Scream 4,” “Scream (2022)” and “The Craft“After bursting on the scene in the hit Fox series “Party of Five” (1994-2000) opposite then unknown actors Lacey Chabert (“Mean Girls”), Matthew Fox (“Lost”) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (“9-1-1”), Neve Campbell earned her slasher stripes playing the ultimate “final girl.”As high school teen Sidney Prescott in Wes Craven’s “Scream,” Campbell was able to thwart the virginal trope when she had sex with her boyfriend and ultimately went on to beat not one, but two Ghostface killers menacing the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. Campbell would later star in the next five “Scream” films before handing over her knifed baton to fellow Scream Queen Jenna Ortega.

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