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Not Folk as You Know It: Madison Cunningham Talks Stretching Genre Boundaries Beyond Her Grammy Win

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Mike Wass Always introspective and often experimental, Madison Cunningham’s music doesn’t fit neatly into any one specific genre.

The Recording Academy, for example, nominated 2019’s “Who Are You Now” for best Americana album, but recently bestowed her “Revealer” with the Grammy for best folk album.

This, in itself, is a little mystifying for a project that leans heavily into alt-soundscapes and seemingly owes more of a debt to Fiona Apple than Joan Baez.

Not that it bothers Cunningham. ”People like having references,” the 26-year-old tells Variety. “But I would never categorize ‘Revealer’ as folk at all.” When pressed on how she would label it, Cunningham pauses to consider. “I’ve had a hard time really being able to generalize what the sound is,” the California-bred artist says. “It’s electric guitar forward and it’s singer-songwriter.

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