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Léa Seydoux on France’s #MeToo Movement: ‘Things Are Clearly Changing, and It Was High Time It Did’

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Ellise Shafer Léa Seydoux addressed France’s growing #MeToo movement at the Cannes Film Festival press conference for Quentin Dupieux’s comedy “The Second Act,” which opened the fest on Tuesday night. “It’s a wonderful thing that women are now speaking out.

Things are clearly changing and it was high time it did,” she said. “I have the impression that this change has indeed taken place.

The film also plays with this idea, it also talks about very current events and this movement, where women are now speaking out, and that was of fundamental importance for this change to take place.” Seydoux continued, “#MeToo is very important.

It’s a very serious issue. However, I think it is also necessary to be able to talk about it with humor. In the film, this is highlighted in a very funny way.” The topic has been the buzz of the festival due to rumored new allegations against prominent players in the French film industry.

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