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Kerry Katona says she 'can't cope' in latest heartache over kids

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Just last week, Kerry Katona revealed her heartache as second eldest daughter Lilly is now ready to 'quit the UK' and uproot to somewhere else.

But now the mum of five is facing even more upset as daughter Heidi is moving out soon too. In her exclusive column, Kerry explained: "Heidi and I are going to have a little date night in London this week as I’m doing some work there and I’m taking her along.

We have such a laugh together – she’s my golden child. She’s moving to Liverpool to go to a performing arts school in the summer once she finishes her GCSEs and I’m really going to miss her.

I can’t cope! "She hates to admit it, but Heidi is definitely a mummy’s girl, so she’ll miss me too. Soon I’m only going to have Max and DJ at home, who will still be at each other’s throats…" Heidi is second to potentially move out of the family home, following Lilly - who Kerry shares with ex husband Brian McFadden.

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