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ITV Coronation Street Tommy Orpington star had a real life football career before cobbles fame

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Matt Milburn, best known for his role as Tommy Orpington on ITV's Coronation Street, has opened up on his footballing career away from the cobbles.

The star is a familiar face to devoted fans for his recurring portrayal of ex-Weatherfield County striker Tommy Orpington over the past six years.His character's amazing sports record and cheeky charm have won him love on and off the screen, reports the Daily Star.

In a recent interview, the popular actor highlighted the link between his real life and his on-screen persona.He said: "I mean I never played at a massive level before, but I've always played football and I still do. "I played at a reasonable standard, just amateur football.

So there's that connection. I think if you can't be a professional footballer, the next best thing has got to be acting as a professional footballer, especially when that's a local hero."Matt shared his childhood idols and how they influenced his role on the ITV show.He excitedly revealed: "I'm a big Manchester United fan, so the class of 1992 and all those guys that stayed loyal to Manchester United for all those years, they're my idols and were my idols growing up."He felt Tommy's loyalty to one team resonated with many football fans. "So Tommy's got that, being a one-team man, we really counted on that affinity with them.

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