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Tyler West embarrassingly admits to 'forgetting' Valentine's Day as he shares plans with girlfriend Molly Rainford

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Tyler West and Molly Rainford are planning a rather lowkey Valentine's Day this year, as they will be putting the finishing touches on their new home, rather than going for a romantic date night.

Speaking to OK! at the TV Choice Awards, the couple, who met during the 2022 series of Strictly Come Dancing, recently moved in together, which has put something of a damper on their Valentine's Day plans. "I'm not saying I forgot about it," Tyler quipped, as he and Molly laughed. "I'm just saying that on Wednesday we're painting.

We haven't finished painting our new place and it has to be down by Thursday. "So we're going to be sat there in an empty apartment, to which Molly added: "With a pizza and paintbrushes." Tyler continued: "We don't know how to work the heating yet so we're going to be wearing jackets, but we'll take it one step at a time." Sharing their excitement at having moved in together, they shared their plans for a housewarming or games night with some of their Strictly pals, with Molly quipping that it'll be fine if they're on the same team and if not it'll be "war." "Some of them are bad cheaters," Molly revealed about the Strictly stars, as Tyler added: "Neil Jones is the worst cheater, worst cheater in the entire world.

Every single game." Molly added: "If you've got a timer, he'll go 'stop' and it will carry on," and Tyler revealed that sometimes Neil won't even start the timer.

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