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The Richest Comedians of All Time, Ranked From Lowest to Highest (The No. 1 Star Is Worth Nearly a Billion Dollars!)

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The business of being funny can be an incredibly lucrative one. While stand-up comics perform for laughs, the best of the best also generate plenty of revenue, and the wealthiest comedians are raking in millions and millions of dollars.

Some of Hollywood’s most hilarious comedians have gone on to create iconic TV shows and movies, launching lucrative stand-up specials, taking on late night hosting gigs and appearing on daytime TV talk shows.

Several comedians on this list launched successful, generation-defining sitcoms that have brought in huge amounts of money with syndication royalties.

In fact, the No. 1 richest comedian on this list is nearly a billionaire! But who are the richest comedians of all? Scroll through to find out the richest comedians, ranked from lowest to highest estimated net worth…

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