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'Super heatwave' warning as UK temperatures tipped to surge to 'high-30Cs' next month

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Brits are set to sizzle as a "super heatwave" is predicted to send temperatures soaring into the high-30Cs, according to a top weather expert.The Met Office has a clear definition of a heatwave, stating it's "when a location records a period of at least three consecutive days with maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding a heatwave temperature threshold".

Depending on the county in the UK, this threshold can range from 25C to 28C, so the predicted scorcher will easily outdo these figures if it materialises.

James Madden, a forecaster with Exacta Weather, took to Facebook last night (Wednesday, June 5) to announce that a "major heatwave or super heatwave" is expected to hit the UK around "mid-summer".

Delving deeper, Madden pinpointed the potential timing of this sweltering event. He referred back to a previous "high-confidence" forecast, indicating that the intense heat "is still on target to develop in or around mid-July for the UK and Ireland".

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