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Neighbours star Stefan Dennis reveals secret relationship with co-star Natalie Imbruglia

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has claimed that he was once involved in a secret romance with co-star Natalie Imbruglia. The actor, 63, who played Paul Robinson, says the pair struck up a relationship despite him being 17 years her senior.While Paul dated Gayle Blakeney, 56, while she and her sister Gillian starred as the Alessi twins in the 1990s, he and Natalie also had a relationship during their time on the series.READ MORE: Hope for Neighbours as soap has been cancelled and renewed before in doomed runHe told Stellar Magazine this week: "Because of my relationship with Gayle, in a well-kept secret, I was also going out with Natalie Imbruglia, there was a rumour that I was making my way through the female cast."It comes as the last-ever episode of the series, which featured Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, aired after three decades.Stefan played Paul between 1985 to 1993 and again in 2004, while Natalie starred as Beth Brennan between 1992 and 1994.Aussie singer Natalie, 47, was married to the Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, 43, from 2003 to 2008.She said on a podcast series last year: "He was the love of my life and I think in time you realise that's a really special thing and you look back on it fondly.

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Coronation Street faces axe unless it makes big change, warns Neighbours icon
Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has spoken out his fear for other soaps after Neighbours has been axed.Stefan has played Paul Robinson in Neighbours since 1985 and has filmed his last ever scene.He said that if other soaps don't move to a streaming platform, it could be the ' demise' of beloved soaps across the world.He said: “Though I would have loved Neighbours to be the first recognised commercial soap to make the switch to a streaming channel, sadly there were no takers."My concern is that if a soap does not soon make that transition, we will start to see the demise of these beloved programmes around the world."That would be an incredible shame because, like them or hate them, they bring viewers great pleasure and they provide a plethora of work and training for those in the industry."He said the survival of favourites such as Corrie, which began in 1960, and US show Days of Our Lives, on since 1965, “is in the viewers’ hands”.Neighbours’ fans got the devastating news in March that the Australian soap was coming to an end.It seems that it's not just the fans who are left upset by the news, Stefan Dennis posted a picture on his last ever day on set and wore his Norwegian jumper to help 'keep happy.'He posted the picture of him walking into the studio for the last time and captioned it: " This is a me entering the studio to play Paul Robinson for the very last time."I thought my very special Norwegian jumper would help keep me happy during this rather melancholy day." The comments section was flooded with supportive comments from Neighbours fans.One person said: "Can’t believe it, will miss you all so much."A second wrote: "Such a sad time ..
Neighbours Robinson family stars now – drug addiction, tragic death and epic soap return
Neighbours fans are into the final few weeks of the show as it draws to a close after an impressive 37 years on our screens.The iconic family drama based in the Australian suburbs on Ramsay Street has seen hundreds of characters come and go through the years keeping fans hooked over generations.One key family throughout the course of the soap has been the Robinsons, who were the main focus of the show when it kicked off in 1985.Following the news that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will reprise their roles as as Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson, Daily Star take a look at where the most iconic members of the Robinson family are now.The iconic head of the Robinson clan Jim was the original Ramsay Street dad and an original cast member from the very first episode in 1985.Actor Alan Dale departed the role in 1993 after he fell out with show producers over pay rates for the cast.Since then he has landed countless big-name roles in America including in The OC, Ugly Betty, Lost, Star Trek: Nemesis, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.In 2007 Amazon named Alan as the Neighbours cast member they had sold the most DVDs of films and television shows featuring.Jim's son Paul rapidly became the head of the family as the years wore on with actor Stefan Dennis the only original cast member who is still starring in the show.His original was run from 1985 to 2003 but he swiftly returned to the show in 2004 and has been on Ramsay Street ever since.Stefan called his hiatus "a mistake" as he departed the show to pursue other jobs before eventually finding his way back.In his time away he starred in Glasgow based soap River City in the UK.One of the most globally recognised faces ever
Neighbours Paul Robinson star's life - rival soap role, music career and family co-stars
Neighbours history.He is portrayed by Stefan Dennis on the Australian soap.The 63-year-old actor was born on October 30, 1958.He first appeared on Ramsay Street in the show's premiere episode in 1985 but his character Paul shockingly departed Neighbours in 1993 when his character served time in prison for fraud.Following his original Neighbours exit, Stefan appeared on the Sky One football drama Dream Team as Samuel Irving.He also had minor roles in British soaps including Casualty, River City and The Bill before returning to Erinsborough in 2004.He's been entertaining audiences ever since and Daily Star has taken a sneak peek into his life away from the cameras.Stefan appeared as Paul Robinson in the first ever episode of Neighbours.The Australian soap premiered on March 18, 1985.The eldest child of Jim Robinson and Anne Robinson, Paul eventually grew into a villainous figure on the soap and was involved in several high profile storylines, including an affair with 15-year-old Kim Taylor.Following a string of marriages, Paul got caught up in a fraud plot which saw him jailed.The sentence led to Stefan's departure from the soap.Stefan returned to Neighbours in 2004 with his character Paul involved a truly chilling storyline.Setting fire to The Lassiters Complex, Paul also murdered Gus Cleary (Ben Barrack) in an attempt to reclaim his former empire.He later married Lyn Scully and embarked on a number of extramarital affairs - though over recent years, Paul has showed a mellower demeanour.