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Neighbours stars who were in Home And Away as Toadie actor 'could consider' soap move

Neighbours fans have been calling out for the soap's stars to join other shows, after the series came to an end last month.Fans recently asked Dr Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher to join EastEnders - after he was spotted at the bar of the Old Vic on set.A source also revealed to Woman's Day that Toadie actor Ryan Maloney might consider a role in fellow Australian soap Home And Away, saying: "He's made more than enough during his time playing Toadie, but he loves working, and if a role came up on Home and Away, he'd absolutely consider it."READ NEXT: Neighbours fans call for Karl Kennedy to join EastEnders as Alan Fletcher visits setHowever, while Ryan Maloney himself has not confirmed whether he would take up a part in Home And Away, or if this is on the cards, he would not be the first Neighbours alumni to appear in the soap.Here, Daily Star takes a look at the Neighbours stars who also appeared in Home And Away.Rebekah Elmaloglou is fondly known to soap fans as Terese Willis - the owner of Lassisters Hotel in Neighbours.

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Neighbours ending 'sealed' - Paul Robinson killed, Lou Carpenter dies and 'dream end'
Neighbours will come to an end on August 1, 2022 after 37 years on our TV screens - But how will it all end?Many fans have taken to social media and forums to discuss the possible endings, as Neighbours bosses keep plans for the finale close to their chests.Speaking about the final episode, Jemma Donovan, whose character Harlow Robinson left Erinsborough for good this week told The Mirror: "I know our fans are going to be blown away by what is being planned for the finale, very celebratory … but that’s all I’m saying for the moment!"READ MORE: Corrie's Millie Gibson wows in stunning red dress after birthday celebrationsAs speculation continues to grow about the final episode, Daily Star has taken a look at fan theories about how Neighbours will end.As reported by Metro, a script for the final episode of Neighbours was recently leaked, with some of the details published on the site Popb***h.According to the leaked script, the last scene of the final episode will feature Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan's characters Charlene and Scott Robinson driving into Ramsay Street.They then step out the car, with Charlene saying: "We're home."However, no details from the final episode have been confirmed and both Metro and Popb***h have stated that the leaked details may be a decoy to throw viewers off what might happen in the end.Despite this, fans have already had their suspicions that Kylie and Jason will feature in the soap's final scenes, with one saying on a fan forum: "I still assumed the final scene would be Kylie and Jason turning up on the street.
Coronation Street faces axe unless it makes big change, warns Neighbours icon
Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has spoken out his fear for other soaps after Neighbours has been axed.Stefan has played Paul Robinson in Neighbours since 1985 and has filmed his last ever scene.He said that if other soaps don't move to a streaming platform, it could be the ' demise' of beloved soaps across the world.He said: “Though I would have loved Neighbours to be the first recognised commercial soap to make the switch to a streaming channel, sadly there were no takers."My concern is that if a soap does not soon make that transition, we will start to see the demise of these beloved programmes around the world."That would be an incredible shame because, like them or hate them, they bring viewers great pleasure and they provide a plethora of work and training for those in the industry."He said the survival of favourites such as Corrie, which began in 1960, and US show Days of Our Lives, on since 1965, “is in the viewers’ hands”.Neighbours’ fans got the devastating news in March that the Australian soap was coming to an end.It seems that it's not just the fans who are left upset by the news, Stefan Dennis posted a picture on his last ever day on set and wore his Norwegian jumper to help 'keep happy.'He posted the picture of him walking into the studio for the last time and captioned it: " This is a me entering the studio to play Paul Robinson for the very last time."I thought my very special Norwegian jumper would help keep me happy during this rather melancholy day." The comments section was flooded with supportive comments from Neighbours fans.One person said: "Can’t believe it, will miss you all so much."A second wrote: "Such a sad time ..
Neighbours Jemma Donovan's life - popstar father, Amanda Holden mix-up and spin-off fame
Neighbours, after her fling with Ned has been uncovered.However, Harlow Robinson actress Jemma Donovan's life off-screen is far less dramatic, but just as interesting, with family connections to Neighbours co-stars, a famous popstar father and revealing her dream role outside of Ramsay Street.Since joining Neighbours in 2019 as the daughter of Paul Robinson's villainous son Robert Robinson, Harlow has become a fan favourite with viewers - even joining forces with TV icon Amanda Holden in a recent storyline.As things take a dramatic turn for her character Harlow, Daily Star takes a look inside the life of actress Jemma Donovan.Before Jemma joined Neighbours in 2019, she already had a link to the popular Australian soap, after she appeared in the spin-off series Erinsborough High for four episodes as Harlow Robinson - the character she would later play in Neighbours.The series follows what goes on behind the doors of the town's famous High School, where many of Ramsay Street's residents have worked in the past, including Libby Kennedy and Susan Kennedy.Before stepping onto Ramsay Street however, Jemma also had roles in the TV series Spotless and TV film Mr Stink in 2015, before rising to global fame as Harlow Robinson.However after landing her role as Harlow, Jemma did reveal that she felt pressure to prove herself to viewers, saying to The Mirror: "I think, at the beginning I was like, 'Oh, I really want to make sure that I prove myself here as well, and not just come on because of the family name in that sense.' "So, I think there was a bit of pressure, but I really enjoyed proving myself."Neighbours fans were left devastated earlier this year, when it was announced that the famous soap would be coming to an end after 37