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Neighbours fans 'in puddles of tears' as retro cast return for emotional final episode
Neighbours has closed out its final moments with emotional reunions, a joyful wedding and a nostalgic tribute to past and present stars.After 37 years on screen, the Australian soap ended with a double-episode special on Friday which featured star-studded cameos from Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie and singer Natalie Imbruglia.The show first aired in 1985 and followed the cul-de-sac community of Ramsay Street within the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough.READ MORE: Neighbours Toadie star's life - forgotten roles, huge weight loss and Big Brother stintIn the opening of the finale, it becomes clear Ramsay Street as the community once knew it is coming to an end as Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne, looks at all the houses up for sale around her home.Harold Bishop, reprised by Ian Smith for the closing episodes, tells Susan and her husband Karl they are the “last of the custodians” of the area and suggests she should write the introduction to their “History Of Ramsay Street” photo album.Another fan-favourite character to return to their old hunting ground is Mike Young, played by Guy Pearce, who shows his daughter Sam (Henrietta Graham) around the area.After bumping into his old friend and former love interest Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones, they take a trip down memory lane by going through the houses on Ramsay Street and revisiting memories from their youth.They recall special moments including his reaction to her makeover when she went without her glasses for the first time and when her mother would not let him visit her.However, their time reminiscing does not go down well with Jane’s former partner Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) who ends up in a drunken row wielding a lamp at Mike, saying:
Neighbours Kennedy kids now - Rival soaps, terrifying health battle and £8m net worth
Neighbours fans were recently delighted to find out that Malcolm Kennedy was returning to Erinsborough for the soap's final episodes.However, shock and surprise was in store after it was revealed that Malcolm had a new girlfriend - and it was his dad's ex Izzy Hoyland.Even as the finale approaches, Neighbours is still full of surprises - and many fans are wondering if they will also see Malcolm's brother and sister make a return to Ramsay Street too.READ NEXT: Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly's famous dad - and huge rock band you know him fromThe Kennedys became instant fan favourites since they arrived in 1994 - with the stars playing the Kennedy kids leading busy lives away from the soap in the years since.As viewers prepare to get their tissues as the ready, Daily Star takes a look at where the Kennedy kids are now.Kym Valentine rose to fame as Karl and Susan's daughter Libby Kennedy - fast becoming a fan favourite in the soap.During her time in Erinsborough, she was caught up in a love triangle with boyfriend Darren Starke, as well as leaving viewers heartbroken following the death of her husband Drew Kirk.However, Kym decided to leave the soap over 10 years later in 2004, after reportedly wanting to return to the theatre stage.She has made a number of return appearances in Neighbours since then, including her failed rekindled romance with Darren Starke, marriage to Daniel Fitzgerald and surrogate pregnancy storyline.She later departed the soap in 2010, before making a guest appearance in 2014 to celebrate 20 years of on-screen parents Karl and Susan Kennedy.The star had a number of health battles during her time on the soap, including in 2008 after she contracted pneumonia and one year later, when she suffered a
Neighbours’ Jackie Woodburne admits 'heartbreaking' and angry farewell to Susan Kennedy
Neighbours was completed - and Jackie Woodburne was heartbroken when the time came to bid her much-loved character Susan a fond farewell.She told in a brand new interview of how she regarded herself as Susan's "guardian" and felt "anger" on learning that the soap had been axed."I’ve lived with her for so long and been through so much with her," an emotional Jackie admitted."I feel like I’ve been her guardian and while she’s been living her life, I’ve kept watch."Feeling like a bereaved parent, she confessed: "I really miss her.""We all felt those five stages of grief – anger, denial, acceptance and the rest – at different times over the last few months," Jackie continued.However the tight-knit team of actors on the soap "helped each other through"."We’re very much an ensemble and there’s no hierarchy on the show," she insisted."That makes for a really strong support network.”It has been just five months since the world learnt that Neighbours would be no more, leaving some fans heartbroken as they felt they had grown up with the characters.Many even remembered Can't Get You Out of My Head star Kylie Minogue's days on the show, before she pursued a musical career full time.Jackie believes some of the younger members of the soap face bleak prospects, claiming that being forced to take side-jobs as waitresses is a "reality" of an acting career in Australia.However, she is looking forward to taking a much-needed break before embarking on her next role.Top of her wishlist is playing an "evil psychopath" - in other words, the polar opposite of her comparatively innocent character Susan.In the meantime, as someone who insists she has never been a "showbizzy" person, she will be taking her time before stepping back on the
BBC Breakfast star Jon Kay unrecognisable in 90s throwback snap on Neighbours set
BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay looked utterly unrecognisable in a throwback snap taken a quarter of a century ago.The star is used to appearing on the iconic red sofa alongside the likes of Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood, and tends to rock smart suits and ties for his time on the show.But in the snap shared with his Twitter followers, Jon looked completely different in a dark green fleece and a cheeky grin, as he posed alongside Neighbours stars on the Ramsay Street set.In one snap, Jon could be seen posing alongside Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, and Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy.Jon stood with his hands in the pockets of a pair of black slacks as he grinned at the camera, wearing his brunette hair buzzed a little closer to his head than he does in the present day.The star added a backpack to his ensemble and wore his shirt open at the collar while grinning open-mouthed in another snap, taken aback by being on the Neighbours set.Jon wrote alongside his snaps: “Loving the #Neighbours nostalgia on @BBCBreakfast. This is me backpacking in Melbourne 25 years ago and bumping into the *actual* Kennedys filming on the *actual* Ramsay Street!”Fans simply couldn’t get over how different Jon looked in the pictures, with one writing: “You look sooo young… and a bit Australian! I can see you with a surfboard under your arm (on a sunnier day!).”Another added: “Amazing pic!”“You don’t age!” added someone else, while a fourth said: “Quality! You look so excited!”Another social media user said: “Amazing Jon.
Neighbours Jemma Donovan's life - popstar father, Amanda Holden mix-up and spin-off fame
Neighbours, after her fling with Ned has been uncovered.However, Harlow Robinson actress Jemma Donovan's life off-screen is far less dramatic, but just as interesting, with family connections to Neighbours co-stars, a famous popstar father and revealing her dream role outside of Ramsay Street.Since joining Neighbours in 2019 as the daughter of Paul Robinson's villainous son Robert Robinson, Harlow has become a fan favourite with viewers - even joining forces with TV icon Amanda Holden in a recent storyline.As things take a dramatic turn for her character Harlow, Daily Star takes a look inside the life of actress Jemma Donovan.Before Jemma joined Neighbours in 2019, she already had a link to the popular Australian soap, after she appeared in the spin-off series Erinsborough High for four episodes as Harlow Robinson - the character she would later play in Neighbours.The series follows what goes on behind the doors of the town's famous High School, where many of Ramsay Street's residents have worked in the past, including Libby Kennedy and Susan Kennedy.Before stepping onto Ramsay Street however, Jemma also had roles in the TV series Spotless and TV film Mr Stink in 2015, before rising to global fame as Harlow Robinson.However after landing her role as Harlow, Jemma did reveal that she felt pressure to prove herself to viewers, saying to The Mirror: "I think, at the beginning I was like, 'Oh, I really want to make sure that I prove myself here as well, and not just come on because of the family name in that sense.' "So, I think there was a bit of pressure, but I really enjoyed proving myself."Neighbours fans were left devastated earlier this year, when it was announced that the famous soap would be coming to an end after 37
Neighbours Karl Kennedy star's life - forgotten soap role, famous wife and music career
Neighbours, after Karl hides a huge lie from his wife this week.Karl has recently invested a huge amount of money, but has hidden the scheme from Susan.Anxious about lying to Susan, will she find out? And how will this affect their relationship when she does discover the truth?It is yet another twist and turn for the couple, who have become one of Neighbours' most iconic soap couples - taking viewers on the ups and downs of their family and love lives.Away from Ramsay Street, Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher has led an equally interesting life away from the soap - from marrying his famous wife to an incredible music career.Neighbours would not be complete with Karl and Susan Kennedy - but many viewers may not know that Alan also had another role on the soap in the eighties.In 1987, he also starred as a boxer called Greg Cooper, who worked in the garage owned by Robinson family patriarch Jim.It was one of the actor's first roles after appearing in 1982's Cop Shop, TV series The Love Boat and films including Mercy Mission.However in 1994, he and Susan Kennedy actress Jackie Woodburne arrived on Ramsay Street - where they have continued to delight viewers ever since.Between numerous affairs, their hilarious bedroom antics and being the parent figures to residents in Erinsborough (and viewers at home), the couple have become one of the soap's most iconic couples.Alan and Jackie also have a close bond off-set too, having worked together prior to appearing on Neighbours, recalling their first day on set to Daily Star, saying: "Alan [Fletcher] and I knew each other, we'd worked together before, but it was the first time that the five of us had shared a scene together and there was just this beautiful, instant connection and