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Disappearing UK village told it's 'beyond saving' and will be gone by 2054
BBC’s Future Planet: "The latest forecasts predict that it would not be safe or sustainable to defend Fairbourne beyond 2054.”The village near Barmouth is protected by a sea wall with more than £6.8million invested in sea defences by Natural Resources Wales over the past decade.But experts say climate change means flooding is inevitable and its residents will at some point be forced to abandon the village.According to NorthWalesLive, around 850 residents face being evacuated from their homes and relocated to surrounding areas, if Gwynedd Council decides to decommission the village.Sian Williams, head of operations in North Wales for NRW, added: "2054 is the tipping point when the cost-benefit no longer stacks up to maintain the flood protection systems.”Resident Stuart Eves said in January that the way villagers have been treated "borders on criminality"."To tell people that you're going to demolish their homes in 2050 and then come up with no answers of what you're going to do with the people who live there is mental cruelty, in my point of view."Every time we have a meeting with Gwynedd Council they always tell us what they've done to resolve the issue but in my view the village is no further forward than when the news broke."We need to go forward and try to get this resolved because you cannot leave this axe hanging in mid-air over the village people's heads."The 72-year-old defiantly said he and neighbours enjoy a sense of "peace, tranquillity, security and community” that money can't buy which is why so many are reluctant to leave.For more incredible stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here“It's more than just losing your home; it's losing your whole identity," he said.