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Kirstie Allsopp admits 'greatest regret' as a parent after 'struggling with things'

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Kirstie Allsopp, 50, has candidly spoken out on being a parent in a tweet shared with her 427,000 Twitter followers.The Location, Location, Location star revealed “one of her greatest regrets” when educating her two sons - Bay Atlas and Oscar Hercules.Kirstie admitted that saying “no, thanks” to doing homework with Bay and Oscar led to “struggling” with tasks.She wrote: “I have always said that one of my greatest regrets as a parent was not saying ‘No, Thanks’ to homework.“We should have focussed on reading/listening to stories together.“Not struggling with things in separate corners.”1609639Some Twitter users replied to the TV star’s post recounting their points of view and struggles when it came to teaching their children.Northernstock2 said: “I used to refuse my kids doing homework.“Children should, if taught well, be able to do their work within the school day.“As adults, when we go to work, you clock on and off.

You don't carry on working after hours, so why should children??” (sic)Jillyt1983 added: “My (just) seven year old has six SAT papers to work through, plus reading book, spellings (online and on paper), times tables and an online English programme this week.“We fought for weeks about it (apart from reading, which he enjoys) but now just do five minutes each night of one thing.” (sic)Jinty2906 penned: “I don’t agree with homework and I hope it gets abolished.“School hours are long enough for children’s brains to take things in.“Home time is time to relax the mind and recharge to be ready for the next day of school.” (sic)Kirstie had previously opened up about her children’s education, and last year, she expressed her frustration over her children's school inequalities in light of the Covid pandemic.The.

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