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Influencer’s American Airlines meltdown: ‘I’m Instagram famous you f–king bum!’
1 million followers on Instagram.The clip, currently blowing up on Reddit, shows the fashionista exchanging words with an offscreen passenger while grabbing her bags aboard an unspecified American Airlines flight.“Call me a b–h again,” the Miami, Florida native dares while the videographer guffaws in the background.“I did nothing wrong,” she continues, after which the other flyer tells her to “shutup.”In response, Osman tells the other passenger to “shut the f–k up” before walking away with her bag.Things come to a head after the social media celeb notices the passenger filming the exchange, whereupon she sarcastically exclaims “Film me, I’m Instagram famous you f–king bum.”The clip concludes with onlookers collapsing into laughter as the woman tells the cabin to “shut the f–k up.”It’s yet unclear what prompted the altercation, however Osman’s antics made her a laughingstock on Reddit despite people not knowing her identity at the time.“If you have to tell people you’re famous, you’re not famous,” said one critic.Another wrote, “Famous but still flying coach, lol. Hope she gets banned from flying for such a disgusting behavior.”Others found it ironic that Osman boasted about her celebrity status while flying cattle class.